Original Strength.

The Original Strength Training System is the foundation for all other training systems. We can teach you how to restore your body by pressing reset.  Through Original Strength, you can remember and regain the strength, mobility…
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Join us for an OS Pressing RESET Workshop

Just as you would reboot your computer or cell phone, you can do the same to you body and mind, we call this, ‘pressing reset’.  If you are ready to start living life better or you’d like to help others live life better, check out an Original Strength Pressing RESET Workshop.
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Movement For All

When you think of movement, what do you imagine? Running? Dancing? A lioness on the prowl? The pitter patter of a toddlers feet? Birds soaring through the sky? Leaves blowing in the wind? Waves crashing over the ocean? Movement is everywhere, and is meant to be everywhere. Yet, while there is …

August 6-7 Pro Reset Workshop

2 days filled with Original Strength awesomeness and camaraderie. You will learn: – About the Neurology behind Original Strength with Dr. Mike – Practical Application of OS Resets – Pathological Application of resets with DPT Daniel Barrows – How to load resets – How to restore pelvic floor health with Original Strength AND probably the most important thing, you’ll learn the Original Strength Screen and Assessment (OSSA) and can become OSSA certified. You’ll also gain CEC/CEU credits as well as learn more about the path to becoming an Original Strength Coach AND we promise you will have a blast spending time with your OS Family! We will host a dinner Saturday night so we have some extra time to catch up!

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Head Nods & Headaches

Headaches are the worst. And migraines are even worse! Every 10 seconds, someone in the United States goes to the ER with a headache or migraine. Did you know that migraines aren’t caused just by the food you are eating, dehydration, your lack of sleep, or even from your raging hormones? Sure, these …

The OS Infinity Strap is Here!

You can use the Infinity Strap an number of ways and it’s comfortable whether you are walking, marching, crawling, forwards or backwards, even sideways or dragging from your head! 
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A Quick Word From Original Strength

We want to help you restore your original strength, the strength you were meant to have, the strength you once had. You were never meant to be broken. Your body was wonderfully made to be resilient and strong throughout your entire life. We invite you to move like you were made.  Let us teach you how to begin by pressing reset to restore your body.

To me, the heart of strength training is about natural, bodyweight movements. Simple, natural movements like pull-ups, dips, tumbling, squatting, and crawling are what really allow people to move with strength.
Being strong is really about being athletic in whatever it is you are doing. This is why I like what Tim Anderson is doing with Original Strength and the crawling methods they use. They are teaching people how to be athletic.”
Ethan Reeves

College Strength Coach

Original Strength is truly an inspired system of training. Because it is based upon developmental movement concepts, the resets are easy to understand and apply, and will help you feel better and move better. Chip Morton

Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coach

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone can benefit from pressing reset. You can be 30, or 70 years old. An elite athlete, or a beginner. Personal Trainers, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and just about anyone, will benefit from Original Strength. Original Strength is the foundation upon which you were built.

Why Original Strength?

You were built to thrive and be resilient. That is the truth. Original Strength is the training system that seeks to give you what you are supposed to have: A strong, mobile, healthy, resilient body that allows you to embrace life and live. At the end of the day, wouldn’t you like to be able to do ANYTHING you want?
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