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What if there was a way to amplify your patient's or athletes' strength and resiliency without buying new equipment or without a heavy time investment (for you or them)?  
What if you were able to help them run faster, jump higher and recover quicker than ever before?  
Have you ever wondered why some athletes continue to get hurt, rehab, then get hurt over and over and over again?  
Have you ever wondered why you can apply the same general training program to a team and get wildly different results among the team members?  Why do some respond and others don't?  
Would you be willing to spend 7-8 hours learning a system so simple and so easy that it could potentially change the way you think about training, treatment, and wellness in general?  


the Original Strength Training Process*

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* The OS Training Process includes completing an OS certification course, passing the related exam and signing the OS Certified Professional agreement. Most courses offer CEUS or CECs through organizations such as AFAA, CSCCa, BOC, AOTA and various state agencies.

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