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The Margin of Diminishing Returns

Over the last few weeks, on the OS BodCast, the topic of “doing enough” keeps coming up. In the spirit of those conversations,…

Get on the X-Press Train to Strength!

And now, a guest article from OS Instructor, Mike Moran... In Original Strength, we learn that the body…

Confessions of a Crawler

A good friend and I were talking the other day about crawling, well he was talking and I was listening. But he told me that…

Working In

And now, a guest article from OS Coach and author, Nick Kundrat... Working in vs working out 

Dawn of the Deadbug

Of the various Original Strength RESETS, crawling can make you unbelievably strong and deadbugs will make you strong enough to crawl well.

The Right Way to Breathe

And now, a guest article by OS Instructor, Sarah Young... What is the right way to breathe?  There is no right way to breathe. Now that might sound…


“I hate fear in all its forms.  It keeps us from living the way we are created.”  - Mark Shropshire 

The Forgotten Resets: Kissing, Smiling, and Sucking

And now, an article by OS Coach, Andrew Hutchinson:    As you all know well, when we are born, the first thing we do (or at least the first RESET we “perform”) is breathe. The most important thing…

The Weight of Waiting

Waiting is heavy. There is a weight to it. When you’re waiting for something joyful, like a party, the weight can fill you…