Original Strength https://originalstrength.net/blog/ en Copyright 2020 by . All Rights Reserved. 120 Glimpses of What's Possible https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/29/glimpses-of-whats-possible/ I attended an amazing workshop here in Nelson, NZ with Piers Kwan.  The main reason being that I wanted to use the activities and principles with the young people with special needs I work with, in particular those on the autism spectrum and with high and complex needs.

Before Covid closed our schools,  I was able to see glimpses of what might be possible, some youngsters developing greater coordination and new confidence based on a better understanding of their capabilities and where they are in space.

I myself also had a eureka moment on a weekend early March, when I had to write 33 school reports. After report 17, my brain started to fade and I could not come up with another sensible thing to write.  I decided to do a short 10 min reset, got back to my computer and motored through the rest of the reports!  It was incredible and I am so grateful !

I also bought your recommended book by Sally Goddard Blythe ’The Well Balanced Child’.   What an amazing insight.  I am hoping it will help me develop activities based on resets into captivating story lines.   

There are still heaps of questions I have, as working with young people with special needs has its own challenges.  But what I have seen so far has been a huge encouragement to keep going.

Many thanks to you all.


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Working In https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/28/working-in/ And now, a guest article from OS Coach and author, Nick Kundrat...


Working in vs working out


The fitness world today is filled with people who are great at working out. You see this every day in the news and social media, from professional athletes who train their hearts out, to powerlifters deadlifting up to a thousand pounds, to gymnasts who can control and manipulate their bodies in remarkable ways, to the “average Joe” who justs wants to be strong and healthy. What if I told you that all of this “working-out” may be hurting your health rather than helping it? What if most of us should be focusing our time on “working-in” instead? Allow me to explain. 


Most of us live extremely stressful lives. Between school, work, kids, hobbies, a social life there’s barely any time to breathe! Yet many of us make intense exercise a staple in our lives; whether it’s your morning run, an afternoon kettlebell session, or an evening high-intensity interval class. We have been conditioned as a society to think that “no pain, no gain” and working out “harder” will give us more benefits. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Now, I love exercise, so much so that I became an exercise physiologist. Meaning I’ve extensively studied all the amazing benefits there are to moving your body. So I’m not here to tell you to stop exercising. You DEFINITELY should! Aside from making you stronger, aiding in heart health, decreasing inflammation, and more, proper exercise can put years onto your lifespan and it can keep you mobile and active as you age. Exercise can be great! But we must keep in mind that traditional exercise is a stressor. Meaning it activates your sympathetic nervous system and expends energy.


Stress can be a good thing, as it is vital for the growth and change of an organism. Lifting weights is a great example of this: Progressively adding more weight onto the bar throughout a number of weeks will add more stress to your muscles, causing them to adapt and grow larger and stronger. However, too much stress is a BAD thing and is part of what’s contributing to the exponential rise of chronic disease, illness, and pain in the world today. 


This may be a hard truth to swallow but... Many of you reading this live too stressful of a life to be working out multiple times per week. Our bodies are stressed beyond belief and are seriously in need of energy and recovery, which is why many of us turn to caffeine and sugar (Which will only make the problem worse!). Sometimes, piling a tough, sweaty workout on top of a mentally exhausting day at the office, can stack up even more stress in your body, without ever giving your body or mind a chance to recover. 


Luckily there’s a fix. Something Paul Chek, world-renowned neuromuscular therapist and holistic health coach coined “working in.” Unlike working out, “working in” GIVES you energy. It stimulates the recovery process, aids digestion, and activates your parasympathetic nervous system. “Working in” is gentle, slow, and calming to the mind and body. It is focused on the breath, and on slow and controlled movements. This concept couldn’t be better exemplified by the Original Strength Movement System. 


Original strength (for those of you who don’t know) is a gentle movement system that utilizes the innate movement patterns we first learned as babies. Original Strength resets our bodies by tapping back into their original movement blueprint - it’s how we were MADE to move! These movements, these “resets” include breathing, nodding, rolling, rocking, crawling, and cross-crawling. Engaging in them intentionally helps slow down our stressed nervous systems and re-actives our vestibular systems, both things that traditional “working out” often lacks. 


Pressing RESET is very much the opposite of performing an intense bout of high-intensity interval training. After spending a few minutes doing the RESETS, you’ll feel calm, energized, and most importantly DE-STRESSED! Which is something we all could use a bit more of. Some other great “work-in” modalities include breath work, gentle yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. 


Again, I’m not saying that working out doesn’t have benefits, it does. But along with working out we must also focus on “working in.” We need to give our nervous system a break from time to time, to lift it up rather than tear it down. We need to think about recovery. A great place to start is by eating quality food, getting adequate sleep and decreasing mental and emotional stress. These things are invaluable to our health and the quality of our lives. 


Anyway, don’t just think about working out. Consider “working in” from time to time, if not daily. To find out more about how you can begin “working in” reach out to an OS certified coach (like myself) or find amazing resources on originalstrength.net. 

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Dawn of the Deadbug https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/22/dawn-of-the-deadbug/ Mon, 22 Jun 2020 06:00:00 +0000 https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/22/dawn-of-the-deadbug/ tim@originalstrength.net (Tim Anderson) The Right Way to Breathe https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/15/the-right-way-to-breathe/ And now, a guest article by OS Instructor, Sarah Young...

What is the right way to breathe?  There is no right way to breathe.

Now that might sound borderline blasphemous coming from someone like me. I’ve been with Original Strength for quite a few years now. And the OS System focuses heavily on breathing. Breathing is the first movement we teach at an OS workshop. But the truth is, breathing isn’t right or wrong. It just is or it isn’t. And if you’re reading this, my guess is you’re breathing. And however you’re breathing, right here and right now, is perfect.


How do I know this? Because I know that our bodies are designed to breathe. And I also know that how we’re able to express that part of our design is dependent, in part, on biology, biography, and habituation. And whatever your biology, biography, and habits are, I’m here to tell you that, in this very moment, your breathing is perfect. Because your breathing is allowing you to experience this very moment. So your breathing is perfect in this very moment. And you are perfect in this very moment too.


“Everything is perfect and there is always room for improvement.” -Shunryu Suzuki


And yes, while both you and your breathing are perfect in this very moment, what about your next moment? Because each moment requires something different from us. Life is dynamic that way. It’s how we grow.

Life meets us in each moment and offers to help us more fully express the amazing persons we were born to be. Life invites us to be more fully alive. Life invites us to make the most of our biology, transcend our biography, and let go of habits that no longer serve us. All we have to do is accept life’s invitations. And it all begins with the breath.


When we were new to this world we were pretty darn good at accepting life’s invitations. And the first invitation we accepted was the invitation to breathe. That invitation was an invitation to life itself. And our baby selves said,“yes”. And we didn’t stop there. We then accepted the invitations of the next moments that life offered us by saying “yes” to new challenges and lessons about moving through the world. And odds are we didn’t nail each challenge on the first try. But that was ok. We learned by making mistakes. As babies we just kept on showing up. We kept on breathing.


And hey, turns out that breathing on our backs is different than breathing on our stomachs. And hey, breathing while rolling around is different than breathing when rocking and crawling. We learned that as babies. We learned it by sensing and feeling. We didn’t learn by thinking breathing. We learned by breathing. We moved and we breathed from good to better and headed towards best.


As babies we didn’t need to be cued or taught how to breathe. We learned by exploring the world. We learned by being playful. We learned by accepting the invitation inherent in each moment of movement. As babies we grew and learned with each breath we took on our backs and on our tummies. We learned about breathing while we rolled and rocked and crawled. We learned through wonder and awe. And by doing so we allowed more of our perfect selves and our awesome designs to be expressed.


But sometimes as we grow older we forget who we are. We forget to accept the invitations. We forget to breathe with the fullness of our design.


“Listen--are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” -Mary Oliver


 We are designed to breathe for a lifetime. And how we breathe is how we live. Each moment, each breath, remains an invitation to live more fully. How we accept the invitation shapes our lives. Gratitude for the invitation leads to wholeness.

And yes, I know that none of us are going to always be full of wonder, awe, rainbows, and sunshine with each and every breath. Life can weigh us down with the stressors of the world. Each of us has moments of doubt, hurt, fear, and despair. 


But I also know that the moments in which we embrace the miracle of breathing are moments in which we create space for healing. Theses are moments in which we can lay our burdens down. These are moments we create space to experience the wonder and awe and possibilities available to us in the now. These are moments in which we can remember who we are and how we are beautifully perfect in our imperfections.


So right here and right now, take a deep breath in and let it out. Feel what it feels like. Sense it. No need to analyze it or think it. Just be with your breath. Allow yourself to be in awe of your breath. Allow yourself to be grateful for your breath.


And maybe, if you’re game, play with breathing in and out through your nose with your tongue placed gently on the roof of your mouth. No thinking. No judgements. Simply feel what it feels like. Sense your breath. And maybe even explore your breathing and feel what it feels like when you roll around and rock and crawl. Just like you did when you were new to this world.


And above all else, know that you are perfect. You were made to be. Breathe and take that in.


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Fear https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/08/fear/ “I hate fear in all its forms.  It keeps us from living the way we are created.”  - Mark Shropshire 


My good friend Mark Shropshire said that to me in a conversation. He doesn’t know it, but it left a mark in me. So much so that I included it in one of my books and so much so that I keep thinking about it as these current days roll on. 


Check it out again, “I hate fear in all its forms...” There are many many forms of fear. Some of them are very apparent and others are more subtle and deceptive, deceptive because they can go unnoticed. It is the deceptive fears that can be the most damaging, destructive and painful of all fears because they can go unnoticed or create a “slight of hand” and they bury negative, toxic waste, thoughts, and energy deep into our subconscious. As time rolls on, with no attention being given to these deceptive fears, they build up and erupt creating much pain throughout the fabric of our societies. They divide us, thus they destroy us. Prejudice, of any kind, is one of these dark, destructive forms of fear. 


And here’s the second part of Mark’s statement, “...It keeps us from living the way we were created.” Another reason why prejudice is so damaging is that it keeps us from living the lives we were meant to have. We are interconnected, meant to be One whole body, much as a school of fish, though made of individuals, moves as one collective mind and one fluid motion. That is our design. Though we are individuals with our own stories, our stories are interwoven into a greater, larger poetic and fluid story. At least that is the overall design. The point is, though we appear to be separate and different, we are the same. We are pixels of the whole picture, we are words of the whole story. 


Prejudice is fear, and it is perhaps the deadliest of all fears. It is the lie that says, “You are not like me.” It is the lie that draws lines of separation in the sand creating “those people,” “our people,” “us,” “them,” “mine,” “yours.” It is the evil that divides and polarizes religions, race, genders, and parties. It bass-ackwardly glorifies and magnifies differences, positioning them as threats to “our way,” “our rights,” “our stuff.” And then it uses deception to justify defending, protecting, and maintaining these lies that were built on the false foundation of fear. 


Prejudice is the fear of not being right, not being special, not being better than, not being valued. It’s the lie that says “We are superior. Our way is THE way.” The sad truth about this lie is that it is the double edged scalpel that destroys both sides of the line that it draws in the sand. Lies and negative energy only create more lies and negativity. They are cancerous and destructive to ALL of our well being. They keep us from fulfilling our created and intended design, to dance as One. 


This is the one thread of fear that can be traced throughout the entire fabric of time. History bears witness to it’s destructive pattern throughout Human existence. It’s the root cause of all wars ever. It’s pure darkness that actually does hide in the shadows of our thoughts and our hearts. 


There is only one cure for Prejudice and all the other subtle lies it creates, all the other subtle forms of fear it generates: Love.




This is not a fanciful pipe dream of a cure. It’s real, and it’s our only true hope. And this is what it looks like. Please read this: 


“If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.


Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.


Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever! Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! But when the time of perfection comes, these partial things will become useless.


When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.


Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” - 1 Corinthians Chapter 13


Love is the cure for all our prejudices and all our fears. Love is also the the answer to every question ever that has ever been asked and the solution to every problem that has ever been faced. Love is the song we were created to dance to and it is also the dance we were created to be in - together.


We cannot erase our history or change our past. But we can erase our prejudice but we can move forward in Love and create our “Now.” 


“Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” - The Lover

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The Forgotten Resets: Kissing, Smiling, and Sucking https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/06/01/the-forgotten-resets-kissing,-smiling,-and-sucking/ And now, an article by OS Coach, Andrew Hutchinson: 


As you all know well, when we are born, the first thing we do (or at least the first RESET we “perform”) is breathe. The most important thing we need to do to survive and the thing we need to do according to our design (diaphragmatically) to thrive.


The next thing we do, certainly if we were to put it together into a standardized sequence of sorts, would be to feed/drink. This is clearly important from a nutritional perspective, however, what is often overlooked is the development of the structure of the face and jaw (and by default, the head and neck being so closely connected – and then obviously everythingelse further “down the chain”) and how feeding (sucking on ideally, a mothers breast) impacts the body in profound ways. 


How our jaw “rests,” the angle between our nose and jaw, how well supported the maxilla is by the tongue – and many other subtle factors - 


All of these are hugely influential on how well we breathe. But also important is how the muscles of the face “rest” and move, they send information via the nervous system (facial nerve, trigeminal nerve, feeding into the pituitary and pineal and so on), contributing to, even creating, our reality through controlling how we feel.Your face largely affects your emotions and influences how you will see the world - whether positive or negative.


Believe it or not, much of your facial musculature was created through sucking. When babies suck to feed, it strengthens the facial and neck musculature according to how it was designed to develop. Feeding, sucking to feed, creates optimal jaw and facial alignment and strength for the child. Not surprisingly, nature's design, a child sucking on a mothers nipple performs this job beautifully and is a large part of why breast feeding is so beneficial to infants.


Please understand that I understand that there are many reasons why many children are not breast fed and the teats on bottles, while not perfect, do a pretty good job in this regard, as does sucking on a pacifier.


Anyway, sucking performs a very powerful job in our development, as does smiling – they are 2 “ends” of our facial movement – like rocking for the face if you like. Today, though you are no longer a child, sucking can still be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeingl and as such can be utilised as a powerful reset.


As with anything within the OS realm, play and exploration are huge here. Try this and test it out to see how it affects your body and your emotions: Form a big pucker with your lips and try to suck just near the tip of your tongue as if you were trying to suck on a straw in a very thick milkshake or smoothie  – Feel the work that the jaw and facial muscles do and how the tongue becomes part of that motion – like a waveAlso, hold a pucker long enough until it just melts away. Do this for about 20 times and test it out. Test your range of motion, your strength, or your emotions.


For an added bonus, and this is my favourite – Smile as you inhale through your nose  and form a pucker as you exhale through your nose. Don't rush this. Even hold the position in either a smile or a pucker if your face suggests that’s where it wants to stay (it will mostly be the pucker in my experience). But explore your face, moving between smiling and puckering, and see how you feel - this can be so powerful. 


Again, youur face, how you hold it, determines greatly how you feel and how you see the world. Kissing, smiling and sucking greatly determine how you hold your face. But doing is believing. So I invite you to spend some time kissing, smiling, sucking, breathing and repeating.


Much love


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The Weight of Waiting https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/05/25/the-weight-of-waiting/ Waiting is heavy. There is a weight to it. When you’re waiting for something joyful, like a party, the weight can fill you and make it seem like you are going to burst. When you are waiting for something needed, like a word from a much needed job you’ve applied for, or a word from a medical report, the weight can feel like it’s crushing your soul. 


Many of us are waiting right now for “our version” of the world to return. Some of us are waiting to see store shelves fully stocked with paper products again. Some of us are waiting to be able to hug loved ones again. Some of us are waiting to travel. Some of us are waiting to open our businesses.



Right now, in this season, we are waiting.


We are waiting for the fear, the sadness, the anger, and the heaviness these emotions bring to pass away. 


And it is heavy. The heaviness varies from person to person, house to house. For some, it may feel like they are treading water with a cinder-block attached to their foot, barely able to keep their head above the water, gasping for air. For others, like me, it may be a heaviness in heart. The heaviness, the weight of this season, is palpable and it generates odd and weighty thoughts. 


“Will I ever be able to buy toilet paper again?” 

“Will my business survive this?” 

“Have I let my family down?”

“Am I really non-essential?” 

“What day is it?”

“Am I Superman?” 


If you know me, you know that last question is the heaviest one. But it is also the question that sobers me. That is the question that helps me find the answers to all other questions I have because that is the question that I can’t really ask myself. 


How can this be? 


There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Basically, it says God renews and strengthens them and makes them like Him, the One who never grows weary or faints. 


What does this have to do with my “Am I Superman” question and how does it help me answer all my other questions? When I’m waiting, treading water, or drowning, when I feel like I need to be rescued, I weight on the Lord. No, I didn’t misspell that. I put my weight on the Lord, I lean into Him. I let Him tell me who I am. And then I am reminded that EVERY TIME I have ever been treading water, I was actually being held up by the Water. 


Somehow, I have survived every hardship I’ve ever faced. I’ve never not made it through to the other side - it’s actually all I know. I may not have always liked the storms I’ve found myself in, but they all eventually blew away. And I’ve learned something from each and every one of them. I have a feeling that you, too, are a storm survivor. We all are. So we have to believe that this storm will pass. But while we are waiting for it to pass, we don’t have to wait alone.


We can weight on, we can lean on, we can trust in Something Greater than ourselves.


I don’t know if this helps you. I can’t pretend to know where you are in this storm. And I can’t tell you that relying on the Universe, the Source, God, or Spirit will help you find toilet paper or make your business open up any faster. But I can tell you that no matter what happens, no matter how damaging this storm seems to be, it will pass. That, and I can also tell you that you are strong enough to get through this. After all, you are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wolverine, She-ra, The Hulk or whoever else you want to be because there is a power in you greater than any storm. 


Whatever the storm, don’t let the weight of waiting pull you under, let it hold you up. 



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Texture https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/05/18/texture/ We were made to have texture.


What I mean is that texture gives life depth and meaning. Texture is the contrast that enables us to understand and enjoy our lives, with all its highs and lows. Do you see it? Highs and lows are texture.


Hang with me.


Do you know what makes chocolate so wonderful? Knowing vanilla. 


Do you know why mountains are so beautiful and breathtaking? Because valleys and plains bow down to them. 


Do you know what makes the energy of joy so amazing? The prick of sorrow. 


The textures we experience are what makes life beautiful. The spectrum of emotions, the buffet of colors, the canyons and the mountains, the sand and the sea, the grass and the rocks, the sky and the clouds. 


If we only knew sunshine, we wouldn’t know the beauty of clouds, or the relief of rain. 


Texture is a gift. A gift that is easy to miss.


Without texture we would be bored and we would likely take everything for granted. Without texture we would have no stories because there would be no adventures. 


In a very shallow example, I know the value of a healthy pinky toe because I have broken mine twice. 


In a deeper example, I know the gift of love because I have had to say goodbye forever. 


We have physical senses to allow us to take in the texture of information. We have emotions to allow us to experience the texture of relationships. And we experience falls so that we may know the triumph of rising up. 


Life has texture. And ultimately, it creates beauty. 


A tear, a smile. A rose, a thorn. A birth, a loss. Ultimately, it’s all beautiful. Or it’s meant to be.


I’ll be honest. I don’t always like the texture I am experiencing. But I am learning to appreciate my experiences. I’m learning how to let storms come and go. I’m learning how to learn in the moment by letting go of my opinions of the moment, or by forgiving the mistakes of my past. 

I’m learning how to love during pain and how to hurt during love. I’m learning how to live a storybook adventure because of the textures that I get to experience. 


If there is a point to this, I guess I’m inviting you to appreciate the depths of your life. The highs and lows, the firsts and lasts, the noise and the silence, the crying and the laughter, even the fear and the courage. Experience your adventure The more texture, the greater the story and the brighter the glory. 

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Going The Distance https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/05/11/going-the-distance/ And now, an article from OS Coach, Rick Vittum:

If you, like me,  are a huge fan of the Rocky movies, you will recognize the phrase (and song) “Going the Distance.”  In the first Rocky movie the goal was not to beat Apollo Creed.  Instead, Rocky had his own personal goal.  He wanted to do something no one had ever done before.  He was determined to go the distance of 15 rounds with the Heavyweight Champion of the world.  He wanted to know for himself if he was more “than just another bum from the neighborhood.”  He centered his training around this mantra and had a clear vision of what he wanted to do. 

The 14th round of the fight revealed Rocky’s “no quit spirit”  to the whole world and especially to the champion himself.  If you remember, Rocky’s eyes were swollen shut, his hands were heavy, and he was just barely hanging on from the barrage of punches from Apollo.  He was knocked to the canvas, again!  His manager was yelling “stay down, stay down!”  His girlfriend couldn’t watch the beating and turned her eyes.  Even Apollo raised his hands in what he thought was the final victory.  At that moment, Rocky does everything humanly possible to climb back to his feet, regardless of what everyone is telling him or how much pain he was in.  After standing and facing Apollo, he gestured with his gloves and muttered, “come on.”  Apollo shook his head in disbelief.  He knew he could not break the will of his opponent.  

Rocky's "no quit spirit" is in all of us, even if we all don't realize it. It's there because we need it. During this Pandemic we must not let our spirit be broken.  Even though our “normal” has been changed, and our economy is taking a beating we must continue to endure. We CANNOT QUIT! And we shouldn't. We, like Rocky, are made to endure and overcome. 

The "no quit spirit" is in all of us. I often use training sessions to nurture and strengthen my own. It can be good to purposefully endure a hardship or challenge to develop some grit about ourselves. One of many workouts inspired by John Brookfield and Tim Anderson that I currently do embodies this type of tenacity.  In my workout, I determine a specific  distance I am going to spiderman crawl. I set the distance far enough so that it is just a bit further than what I have ever done before. My goal is to reach the end. No exceptions.

I crawl till I'm done. I keep my mind set on finishing no matter how long it takes, no matter how my lungs burn, no matter how much my body wants to quit.  I’m going the distance! No matter how tough it is, it always feels amazing when I complete my goal. And it leaves me knowing that I have a "no quit spirit." 

It's good to test and strengthen our "no quit spirit" from time to time. It keeps us resilient. I encourage you to find a way to strengthen yours. Now to be clear, you don’t need to do the exercises I do. You can challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone with any exercise you choose. But test yourself. Strengthen your resolve. Set a goal just beyond your previous best, whatever that might be. And then reach for your new best and don't quit until you reach it. 

Strength training really can be a vehicle that helps us overcome hardships out in the world. It can help us develop physical hardness but also mental resolve, a "no quit spirit." It can also bring us together and allow us to offer our strength to others. After all, what good is strength if we cant use it to help our neighbors?

Keep your head up everyone! And like Rocky, if need be, keep getting back up, again and again. Don't stop. Even if you hear the bell, keep going. 

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Perfect Solution for Rehab https://originalstrength.net/blog/2020/05/07/the-perfect-solution-for-rehab/ I am 56, did KB plus bodyweight gymnastic style in the past. Felt halfway fit, given a busy lifetime, lots of travel.

I began incorporating OS (head nods, rocking) after reading Tim's book in 2014. 

I moved completely to OS about 9 months ago after a serious injury, collateral damage following a small meniscus surgery 2 months after attending OS Pressing RESET in 2018. I caught MRSA which created massive infection that destroyed the whole cartilage in my left knee within days. After months of pain relief drugs & antibiotics I was in the most devastating condition I've ever encountered.  I had to learn to walk again.

After injury, I could barely do any push-up nor move without pain. I started with what I could do at that time (baby-crawl, head nods, rolling).

2 months later and still in recovery phase, I am on Leopard crawls, battling ropes & some hanging and almost pain-free. I regained lost muscle, got significantly stronger all over and do feel extremely well after a training session. Session is not much more than 10-15 minutes under tension accumulated. Yet.

Moving way better. Feels natural. Noticeable when I am carrying things around. Do not think how to move and what muscles to contract first. I simply move and the body know's what to do. Sounds "strange" when I am telling that to others outside of OS.

I am pretty convinced once I can go for 10 minutes on the crawls non-stop, tweaking it further with various load parameters I will gain way more muscle. The body will add where it is needed most for the given movement. And that’s exactly what I am after.

OS is a perfect base for that.

What would you say to someone else dealing with serious injury and looking to feel better?
  • Based on my personal experience I'd say the principles of OS are the THE perfect solution for rehab. Way more powerful than traditional PT! It re-aligns the body and what has been lost plus integrates body, mind & soul
  • The real beauty is that the principles are scalable for all ages from handicaped to injured to the serious athlete searching to improve the body & mind connection. Whatever your current performance level
  • Once you understand the underlying principles, that stuff is "simple to apply" yet very powerful in delivering results
  • If you have good body awareness, I'd read Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded & Becoming Bulletproof & watch some of the OS videos
  • People with less body awareness or not good at learning from books/videos should search for an OS Certified Professional or attend Pressing RESET
  • In addition to OS, a good manual therapy. "Rolfing" (soft tissue work) is the best I've tried. 
  • Be patient and train daily

- Wolfgang, Germany

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