What is a Reasonable Goal?

Setting goals is important, and the right goals are even more important.

Your body is amazingly designed to get you through every day of your life.

How fast does your nervous system move or react?

Your body comes with a built-in restoration system.

It feels good to feel good.

Why You Shouldn’t Stretch Tight Muscles

The body is full of wisdom, wisdom we don’t always understand. It is designed to move and function optimally, it is designed to survive times of threat, and it is designed to thrive in times of peace.…

Text Neck

And now, a guest article by friend and OS Clinician, Dr. Kurt Brooks...   What is Text Neck? …

We Are Only Human After All

And now, a guest article by Dr. Kurt S. Brooks, OS Certified Clinician: We all get hurt.  Injuries happen.  We twist an ankle, bite a lip, hurt our backs and tear rotator cuffs.  It’s…