Original Strength: Moving In Our Design on The Architecture of Health with Deb Voisin

Tim Anderson joins Deb Voisin on The Architecture of Health Click Here to Listen

Tim Anderson on Just Fly Sports Podcast #411: Dialing the Spectrum of Speed in Movement and Performance

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PODCAST In this episode, Tim and Joel Anderson of Just Fly Sports discuss fluidity of movement, body tension,…

Tim Joins Health Oddity Podcast

Healthy Oddity #podcast Episode 189 Click Here to listen! Tim discusses his 10th book, "A Simple Book of Strength" released April 2nd, 2024.

Tim Anderson on the Health Oddity Podcast Episode #189

Click here to listen to Health Oddity Podcast Episode #189 Tim joins Health Oddity for the third time. A…

Reconnecting Brain and Body - OS for Use with ALS - ALS News Today

ALS affects my hand strength, but it’s no match for my determination Strategies and exercise have helped me discover what my body needs


It’s Independence Day here in the States, a day of celebrating freedom. I know the purpose is to remember the hard-won freedom from being ruled by England, but I can’t help but think that independence…

Tim Anderson on The Strength Connection

Strength Connection Podcast #47 with Tim Anderson, co-founder of Original Strength. Mike Kurkowski and Tim Anderson discuss the origin and evolution of the Original Strength system.

ALS - Bouncing Back From Covid-19

https://alsnewstoday.com/forums/forums/topic/bouncing-back-from-covid-19-your-guide-to-restoring-movement/ #ALS…