Open The Gait!

It is our gait pattern that was designed to keep us strong, mentally and physically. Rolling, crawling, walking, climbing and running is what builds, heals and shapes our brains. These cross-lateral…

Do It Anyway

Life is funny. As predictable as we’d like to make it, partitioned in our Day-Planners or iPhone calendars, sometimes, circumstances are seemingly beyond your control. 

Is Your Leaf Green? (Are You Healthy?)

  There are three things we have to have in order to be healthy: Air, food, and water. Together, air, food and water give us life. It is air that feeds us oxygen which keeps all our…

Loving the Stairs

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What CAN You Do? (Take this test.)

Interesting question, isn’t it?

Pants on Fire

No one likes to…

The OS Cocktail (Neither shaken nor stirred)

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