What’s The Point?

That’s a question you may be asking yourself right now. What’s the point to doing the resets every day - maybe even multiple times per day? GREAT question.

Your Daily Checklist

I was recently informed…

The “Miracle” of Long-Term Resetting

I had a great conversation last night with Chief OS Science Whiz, Dr Mike Musselman, DC. We were discussing how it took a guy 8 months of daily practice to be able to rewire his brain to…


What is the most…

56 Year-Old Man Loses 30 Pounds In 6 Weeks Using "Automatic Reset"

Yeah… I know… Sounds like a late night infomercial. 

Resets on a Plane

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The Root

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Teaching the Single Leg Deadlift the OS Way

There’s no question about it: the Original Strength resets are a fantastic way to reinvigorate the body and free up its ability to move as it was made to: with ease, grace, power, through the natural,…

Simple Daily Reset Restoration Plan

  This is just a simple daily restoration plan to help you restore your body, become resilient and live your life with health and strength. Again, this is simple, but please don't…