Suzie Gullett

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I started as a young girl seeing strength as an Avenue to connect with myself and build others up.
I decided to learn about kinesiology in college from a motor learning point of view. Then I started to fill my fitness tool kit with movement based on land and in the water and then with modern and complex equipment. When I found OS I knew that this was movement at its best. Simple yet complete OS has helped take my average client from a eager learner to a strong stable mover who can handle not only the rigors if life but can connect to the subtitles of movement like a child. I believe it takes 3 things to reach our goals. Focus, determination and perseverance. But with all that, a heart and mind ready to begin to move from a foundation of strength and ease.

My average client is looking for longevity and to move well. Many come from a regular fitness world and are tired of feeling alone and not getting results. The age range is 35- 65yrs both male and female. But I work a lot with adults in their 70's and into late 80's.

Head of Strength and Movement Development for athletes at Burlington Christian Academy

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Mat & Equipment I instructor
Trx Trainer
SM Kettlebell Instructor
MELT Hand and Foot Instructor
Water Fitness Instructor
Yoga Instructor