Scott Seeberger

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After completing a diverse career in the  military and serving in the USAF, USMC, and the US Antarctic Program. Scott founded and became the senior training partner for Redpoint Training. Originally created for military members, Redpoint has since expanded to mature athletes and all those who are serious about performance and strength.

While in his final years of service, Scott was asked to become a Program Fitness Manager for the Antarctic Program. He began working with individuals and groups of service members to help them exceed physical limitations through skill training and body mastery.

His practice extended out to the civilian sector leading to the conception of Redpoint.
Our viewpoint is simple, before honing your specific skillset, create a solid platform by approaching the human body as a whole, not a series of pieces. 

Scott's average clients are mature athletes, military, and the average person serious about training.

Specialties:  Strength training with emphasis on russian kettlebells and running instruction