Instead of Looking, See What You See

Screen - a method to develop a baseline of what a person can or cannot do. OS uses the screen to learn about a person’s reflexive strength and to build buy-in with the person. See what you see.

Assessment - a tool to help you better understand a person’s movement capabilities—a way to see what they do versus what they can do. See what you see.

You’ll begin the screen with simple movements based on their ability. We use Toe Touch, Squat, Pushup, and Birddog. These can be easily modified for those who can’t get on the floor or are in a chair or bed. The objective is to see what you see in the movement they can do. Whatever they do establishes their “good” or baseline.  

In the assessment, you will ask them to do the OS Big Five RESETS: Breathing, Head Nods, Rolling, Rocking, and Crawling/Cross Crawling. These allow you to see if the person can access their developmental movement patterns and engage in the three pillars of human movement.

You’ll complete this in under 15 minutes. Once the OSSA is complete, you will have everything you need to design a RESET strategy to impact your client’s life.

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