Jackie Miller


Jackiebritfit@nc.rr.com | 919.818.7097 | www.Britfit.com | Online Training Available

The past 20 something years of experience in this field has taught me that growth is a choice.
Just like my next athlete, wanting to succeed with a personal best in their next event.
Or my senior finishing rehabilitation from hip surgery- I try to remind myself daily that we can make a difference in someone's life.

Every need is important- it's your quality of life that's important to me, no matter your goal.

Specialties: Certified since 2007, as a USAT Expert level II coach, I provide coaching to individual endurance sports athletes.
Services also include and are not limited to 2D Run gait analysis, Swim stroke analysis, Cycling power meter integration with
online training plans via Training Peaks software platform.
ACE personal Trainer, since 1996
FMS Level 1 since 2007

Average Client: Anyone with a desire to improve their quality of health, wellness and fitness.