Host a Course

Bring people to your facility, train your staff, help your peers, and become the go-to source for OS info in your market area. Share what it means to Press RESET.

Hosting Info:

  • We require a minimum of 15 participants for our course, but we can accommodate up to 50 participants if there is enough space. Typically, we have around 20-27 people attending the course.
  • The space you provide should be free of distractions and have enough room for floor activities. It could be a conference room, church, beach, gym, or classroom.
  • Our course will be taught by an OS Certified Instructor, and as a host, you will receive one complimentary spot.
  • If we have 15 or more paid attendees, our hosts will receive 50% of net proceeds.

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Host a Course
Describe the space in terms of accessibility and size, as well as type of facility.