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At Original Strength, one of our core beliefs is that we were made to move with strength throughout our entire lives. Another one of our beliefs is that we were all made for each other.

Sometimes in life, bad things happen. Maybe you’ve lost a job, a friend, or a loved one. Maybe you’ve been dealing with physical or other issues you don’t know if others will understand.

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You are not alone.

 We often tell people that we are building a family. Family looks after its own. If you’re dealing with an issue and want us to pray for you, we will pray for you.


Because we believe we’re here for each other. We know you, just like us, were awesomely and fearfully made. We were made to move in, and with our own body, and we were made to move in, and with our own community and our own family. None of us were meant to be alone. And none of us are.

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