Resetting through Circular Patterns

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Friday Oct 11, 2024
4:00pm - 6:30pm

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Jill Greene



Original Strength Institute

212 S Main St.
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Resetting through Circular Patterns

Oct 11 Fuquay-Varina, NC $149


Maximize the principles of Original Strength by incorporating the benefits of circular training.

This 2 and a half hour course delves into the many layers of human movement through the use of basic Indian club patterns. 

Rich in history, this tool helps us explore and enhance contralateral, midline crossing patterns, dexterity, coordination and stimulation of the central nervous and vestibular systems. Discover how the skill of Indian clubs swinging can further reset the body and improve the overall health of the nervous system. 

Students can expect to walk away with a thorough understanding of the basics and how to apply them in conjunction with OS RESETS. The information shared within the course can easily be implemented into your personal and professional movement practices in a simple and effective way that fits with the Original Strength teaching methods.

Bring your own clubs or use clubs on site.

You MUST complete Pressing RESET before participating at Resetting Through Circular Patterns

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Course Outline: 

  1. Course Intro and Objectives
  2. Intro to Indian Clubs and Brief History
  3. Preparing for Clubs using OS RESETS
    1. Goes through the ideal Big 5 RESETs for priming for clubs and explains why these are ideal and how they benefit club practice. 
  4. Indian Club Skill Building
    1. Intro to 5 basic circles and exploring clubs in multi-planar movements
    2. Focus on showing how clubs practice enhances overall health of nervous system and ties the X together. 
  5. Deeper Dive into Circular Flow and why our brain and bodies are drawn to circles

Topics Covered

  • Basic History of Indian Clubs

  • How Indian Clubs and Original Strength correlate 
  • How to properly perform some basic Indian patterns
  • How to use Indian Clubs for an ultimate mind-body RESET by blending OS principles with circular and spiral patterns to create a stronger more resilient you from the inside out 
  • Reap the benefits of engaging in new contra-lateral/midline crossing movements to build strength and stability 
  • Open the door to the possibilities of incorporating this course’s concepts with other training modalities and philosophies

Prerequisites, CEUs, and Additional Details


PREREQUISITE: You must have completed OS Pressing RESET in order to attend Resetting through Circular Patterns.

Register for multiple OS Professionals Weekend courses and receive discounts with coupon code 3Ways2Save.

This course does not lead to a certification. CEUS are not yet available automatically, you may petition your Accrediting Board if you wish.

Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend your registered certification, we will transfer the registration fee to a future certification of the same level per your selection.