Resetting through Circular Patterns

Course description: 

This 4-hour long course will arm attendees with basic Indian Club skills and also teach them to how they can use additional tools to further RESET the body and improve the overall health of their nervous system.  Attendees can expect to walk away with a thorough understanding of how and why to implement Indian Clubs and other circular training tools with their clients/patients in a simple and effective way that fits with the Original Strength teaching methods.  

Course Objectives/Outcomes: 

  • Basic History of Indian Clubs
  • How Indian Clubs and Original Strength correlate 
  • How to properly perform some basic Indian patterns
  • How to use Indian Clubs for an ultimate MINDBODY Reset by blending OS principles with circular and spiral patterns to create a stronger more resilient you from the inside out 
  • Reep the benefits of engaging in new contra-lateral/midline crossing movements to build strength and stability 
  • Open the door to the possibilities of incorporating this course’s concepts with other training modalities and philosophies 

Bring your own clubs or use clubs on site.

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