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Friday Nov 3, 2023
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

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Live Stream - OS Pressing RESET

Nov 3 $374


Join us Friday, November 3, 2023, via live-stream for Original Strength Pressing RESET Certification!

In order to receive course credits and access the recording of the certification, you must participate throughout the live stream certification.

We will teach you how to help your clients, patients and athletes restore and rebuild their Original Strength and improve the results they experience when working with you. The OS Pressing RESET Certification is the introduction to the OS system.

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In this Pressing RESET Certification, we will teach you how to use the human developmental system to understand why your client may move in a particular way or may be stuck getting to the next level.  You will learn how and why the human body is capable of remembering its original design for movement. You will be able to use what you learn on yourself, clients and patients of any age, health or physical condition (as long as they are medically cleared to live).  This certification will help you change lives, possibly even yours.

A typical OS Pressing RESET attendee is a Health, Fitness, or Education Professional.  Some have been in their profession for many years, others are new. Some work in niche markets such as seniors or certain neuromuscular diseases and others work with professional athletes, and others work with pre/post-surgical patients or stroke victims.  A common thread in all attendees is the desire to help their audience, whoever they are, improve and achieve more significant results. This diverse mix is also part of what makes the certification so rewarding for our attendees.

For the Live-Stream:

- Required - reliable internet connection & floor space, you will be on the floor throughout the certification

- Downloadable pdf of the OS Pressing RESET Manual included/needed for certification

- Interactive - ask questions and interact with the instructor and other attendees

- Access to the recorded version of this certification available for 1 month following certification to all who participate via chat throughout the certification

- Manual and Vimeo access link/PIN to be emailed a few days before the Live Stream. 

Save $150 when you register for BOTH Pressing RESET and Pro RESET at the same time (coupon code: PressingPro).

You must purchase both at the same time for the coupon to apply.

Topics Covered

  • The three pillars of OS

  • The OS Big 5 RESETs (including breathing, head control, rolling, rocking, and contralateral movements)
  • The definition of reflexive strength and stability
  • What is the vestibular system and why it’s so important to human movement
  • What neuroplasticity means to your abilities to regain movement
  • Why OS views things from a Good, Better, Best perspective
  • Which regressions work best for you or your audience
  • How to Press RESET using the OS System
  • How to help your clients, patients or athletes achieve more

Prerequisites, CEUs, and Additional Details

The OS Pressing RESET Certification is the required prerequisite to the OS Pro RESET Certification. The OS Pro RESET Certification goes more in-depth into why the OS system works (neurology and physiology) and how to develop programs for your clients, patients, athletes, and classrooms. It also provides instruction on how to use and implement the OS Screen & Assessment (OSSA) into your business.

Upon completion of the Pressing RESET certification, you may choose to become an OS Certified Professional – Coach to help you continue to grow your business.


6 AFAA CEUs – The Athletics and Fitness Association of America recognizes Original Strength Systems as a Continuing Education Provider.

Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend your registered certification, we will transfer the registration fee to a future certification of the same level per your selection.