Pressing RESET Certification

During this accredited eight-hour course, you will learn the OS system and how to apply it to the lives of any client, patient, student, or yourself. Attendees will learn the three pillars of human movement, the OS Big 5 RESETS and a variety of regressions and progressions to each RESET. Upon completion of the course, attendees may choose to become an OS Certified Professional - Coach by passing an online exam.

Typical attendees include licensed Health, Fitness, Education Professionals and everyday athletes of all ages and abilities who want to live life better and gain a solid understanding of the Original Strength System.

CEUS are available. (ACE, NASM, AFAA)

Upcoming Courses

Location Date
Columbia, MD May 15 2021
May 21 2021
Tucson, AZ Jun 5 2021
Jun 23 2021
Jul 9 2021
Aug 17 2021
Sep 10 2021
Oct 9 2021
Nov 17 2021
Dec 15 2021