An Educator's Guide to Pressing RESET

To encourage daily movement in a student's life to help improve your students' and the classroom's overall health and well-being, we equip K-12 schools with proven training, digital resources, and implementation strategies. We believe that an education system that honors movement honors the whole child and invites the best environment for the student to learn and thrive in.

Our 1-day Educator's Guide to Pressing RESET Course is hosted at the participating school.  One of our certified instructors will lead the K-12 focused 6-hour training and create an opportunity for the educators to experience the first-hand effect of movement on the body and brain.  

Following completion of the course, participants will: 

  • Have a deeper view into the issues with the modern classroom and its students

  • Learn how movement facilitates learning

  • Learn how movement impacts mental health. 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of how the student brain develops and why that matters to an educator.

  • Learn about how trauma, stress, and anxiety impact the student's brain and how to navigate a dysregulated brain.

  • Be given tools to help regulate students' brains most simply and effectively out there.

  • They should be able to teach their students how to Press RESET and help them build self-awareness and self-control. 

  • Learn how to overcome typical classroom challenges to implement a system that is easy on the educator and appreciated by the student. 

  • Have all the necessary training and materials to make their school a SuperMover School®.  

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