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I was recently informed that people love to have checklist; list that they can check off on a daily basis to give them a sense of accomplishment. Most of us have goals or tasks that we want to accomplish on any given day. Often times, if we don't write them down and cross them off our list, they may not get done. I even ran a "self-experiment" once and made a daily list for a week. Each night, before I went to bed, I would make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish the next day. As I completed the items, I would cross them off my list. It was amazing how productive my days were when I was keeping this list. I felt like I was really making progress, because I was....

If you are reading this, you are probably highly aware of how important pressing reset can be. You may even have the best of intentions to press reset daily, or even several times throughout the day. But, as it happens, life and all its distractions may hinder or thwart your progress when it comes to pressing reset.

So, in an effort to help you press reset and be more consistent with your resets, I thought I'd offer a very simple, daily reset checklist. You can add to the list if you want, or if you need to, you can make the list smaller. This is just a guide list to help you become more intentional and consistent with pressing reset and rebuilding, maintaining, and improving your Original Strength"

Daily Reset Checklist:

_ Smile upon waking. - This produces beneficial hormones and helps combat stress.
P.S. -  It is a choice to smile and be happy. Choose to smile.
_ Diaphragmatic breathing x 3 minutes

_ Head Nods x 1 minutes
_ Rolling x 2 minutes
_ Rocking x 2 minutes
_ Crawling x 2 minutes - any type of crawling: baby, leopard, spider.
_ Cross-crawl x 1 minute

(That was 11 minutes out of your day)

_ 12:00 - Take a 10 minute walk at Lunch time, after you eat.

_ 3:00 - 2 minute cross-crawl break in mid-afternoon.

_ 4:59 - 2 minute Diaphragmatic Breathing break

_ Dinner Time -
_ Smile, you get to eat and nourish your body. Be thankful!
_ Take a 10 minute walk, again

_ Bed Time - SLEEP - it is a powerful reset
Your daily check list may need some additions. Maybe you train after work, or around lunch. If so, add it to the list just for the purpose of being able to cross it off. There is a very satisfactory feeling completing a task. That satisfaction can even provide a type of mental reset in the form of stress relief.

I know this is ridiculously simple, but all total it is 35 minutes out of your day. 35 minutes that may completely reset and restore you to who you were meant to be.

Yes. It is crazy. But, It's crazy enough to work.

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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