Your Brain and Movement - Dr. Melissa West Interviews Tim Anderson

Categories: In The News Apr 20, 2016

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In our interview we talk about how Original Strength came into being and how movement helps your brain. From there we go into questions from my yoga students. We cover topics such as literacy and movement, sedentary lifestyles and our brains, aging, movement and our mental well-being, how to incorporate the movements recommended from Original Strength without injury and with modifications, what are the most important movements to do in a day, how to incorporate those movements into our day, why rocking is important to our emotional well-being, how to improve your balance, ADHD, learning disabilities, movement in the education system, and movement for Multiple Sclerosis for strength, coordination and balance.

Tim tells some moving stories about how original Strength has helped some of his clients, especially Gertrude stands out, a 72 year old woman who couldn´t walk without the assistance of her walker and her husband. Through the Original Strength Training system she regained her independence. Gertrude’s story:

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