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Anyone who has ever watched Star Wars can tell you that your feelings can betray you.

Your senses will lie to you. You can’t always trust what you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste, etc… Sometimes our perceptual reality just isn’t reality. For instance you may feel like you are standing with both of your feet pointed straight ahead. However, if you look down, you may see that your feet are both turned out. Or, you may see someone who looks really strong because they have big muscles. However, their muscles may be big but they lack strength because they have no reflexive stability. In other words, their big muscles are lying to you and to their owner.

You just can’t always trust your senses. There are times though, when you can. When it comes to having Original Strength, you know it when you see it. People who possess their original strength move differently than people who do not. They move with a grace and beauty that is hard to describe. It is as if their movement is wrapped in a beautiful, flowing strength. They stand tall and walk gracefully, with a spring in their step. Strength and power seem to ooze out of their body’s. Go to any park and watch a group of kids playing and running. You will instantly be able to pick out those who have their original strength and those who do not. Those who have their original strength will have the appearance of floating across the ground. Their movements scream with boldness and confidence. Those who lack their original strength move with toil; their movements are laborious and sluggish. They seem to move as if the earth’s gravitational pull has been magnified.

People who have their original strength simply move beautifully; poetically. They also seem to exude more confidence. Their heads are held high. They smile. They make eye contact. They move with purpose. It is as if their bodies know they are resilient, strong, and capable. Conversely, those who lack original strength seem to move in fear. Their heads hang low. They slouch. Their shoulders don’t really move when they walk. They move as if their bodies know that they are fragile. This fragility, this movement hesitation and awkwardness exudes out of their bodies. Original Strength doesn’t just effect how you move, it effects how you interact with the world! Having it, or lacking it, effects your personality and your confidence.

You can see it those around you. You know it when you see it. You know it when you feel it too. If you possess your original strength, you feel strong. You feel confident. You just feel powerful. You feel as if you float across the ground when you walk. You move with purpose. Intuitively you know that there is nothing that you cannot do. There is no mountain you cannot climb or push aside. You can feel the vitality flowing through your veins. When you possess your original strength, your senses cannot lie to you; they scream “life!” Original strength is not just something you can see, though you know it when you see it. It is something that you can feel. It flows through you and from you. If you ever experience regaining your original strength, you become “awake” to the lies your senses were telling you: feeling “normal” was not normal, looking strong was not strong, gravity is not greater where you are standing, etc…

Original strength is reflexive strength – the foundation for health. It is the foundation for a strong, resilient body. But it is also more than that. It is more than just physical reflexive strength. It also lends itself to becomingmental reflexive strength and emotional reflexive strength. The human body was made to be powerful, graceful, strong and resilient. Possessing anything less than that adversely effects the mind and the emotions. Everything about you is made to be whole – complete. All of you is made to be strong – not just your body. Everything about you craves to be strong, to be whole.

You were made to LIVE and enjoy life. You were made for more. Original Strength is the foundation. If you don’t have it, you can get it – you can regain it.

In case I lost you, here is the recap: Original Strength – You know it when you see it. You know it when you feel it.


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