Who Should Attend a Foundations Workshop?

Categories: Stories Dec 02, 2014

Meet Dr. John Sullivan.  

We asked him a question:

Who Should Attend A Foundations Level Original Strength Workshop and Why?

And this is what this awesome gentleman replied with:

Actually EVERYONE should attend [an Original Strength Workshop]. NO KIDDING.

I am a 70 year old Chiropractor and SFG Kettlebell instructor. I was struck by a car last December breaking both legs and various and sundry other injuries that occur when man meets car. Major reconstructive knee surgery in June. Had it not been for OS there is no way I would be working so soon. My recovery has been miraculous. But why a Foundations Workshop? I had been doing OS long before the accident and took a Foundations workshop 2 months after surgery. Why? Well although I thought I “knew” OS I really did NOT know OS. I have come to believe that not only is Experience a great teacher/ It is the ONLY teacher. Movement education does not lend itself well to books or videos in my opinion. It has to be EXPERIENCED. The OS Foundations EXPERIENCE changed my life as it will for Anyone who takes it. Go for it!

Strength and Honor

God Bless

Dr. John Sullivan

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