Which Reset Is The Best?

Categories: Blog Jun 05, 2015

That’s a question we often hear.

The truth is, they all are.

However, some resets work better for some people than others do.

Rolling may be absolutely amazing for one person, while rocking is the best for someone else.

Why is that?

Because even though we’re all the same - we’re all human - we all have different “histories.”

[+] We all have different injury histories.

[+] We all have different training histories.

[+] And we all have different environmental histories.

And these three combinations make for different needs for each body.

Here’s the really “neat” thing:

Many times, the resets that give you the biggest bang for your buck will change based on whatever you’re going through and have been through.

In other words, those three history combinations create different movement dysfunctions and compensations in your body. And they are usually built in layers. So many times, they come off in layers. One layer at a time. Like scraping off old paint off a wall.

Ultimately, you’ll get to the place where all the resets feel good, easy, and “right.”

And that’s the place where you can do what you want, when you want to do it.

How long does it get to that place?

As long as it takes.

And as always, like many if not most things in life, it all depends on you.

How much time are you willing to invest in doing your resets?

Do you do them when you remember to do them?

Or do you do them once a day?

Or, do you do them multiple times a day?

The more frequently you do the resets, the faster you’ll see the progress you’re looking for - the easier you’ll move, the sooner you’ll get rid of your discomfort, get leaner, run faster, lift more, whatever it is your goal is.

Press Reset.

Press It Often.

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