What Does OS Really Do? 

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I was talking to one of my good friends the other day, Dr. Mike Musselman, and he was telling me that, “We need to find a better way to explain to people what OS does.” He had been talking to someone who was having a hard time explaining OS to his friends. As Mike was saying this, I knew he was right. If I could tell you how many times it’s taken me 5 minutes to explain OS while still getting blank stares… Part of the reason OS is so hard to explain is that it is so simple. But there is another part of why OS is so hard to explain: we haven’t done a great job explaining it - yet.

Anyway, as Mike was having his “how do you explain OS conversation” with this person, the gentleman told Mike that, “OS strengthens the nervous system.”

And there it was…

This guy got it... Better than me!  In one conversation with Mike, he solved our major barrier to world domination with OS with a perfect, simple explanation of what OS does; it strengthens the nervous system.

And that’s cool because a strong nervous system, or an efficient nervous system, yields a healthy and strong you. The healthier your nervous system is, the healthier you are; all of you. Your thoughts, your emotions, your physical abilities, even your immune system - they are all improved by having a healthy nervous system.

In fact, you are a reflection of the health of your nervous system. Your posture, your attitude, your ability to focus, your balance, your strength, your whatever - this is all an expression of the state of your nervous system.

When you engage in your original design and Press RESET, you build up and improve the health of your nervous system. You make it stronger and more efficient. You provide it with much-needed nourishment and information by literally moving through the “appropriate channels,” or moving programs. The results speak for themselves. You feel better, you move better and you become more able to live your life better.

So what does OS really do?

It helps you to live your life better by strengthening your nervous system.

How does OS strengthen the nervous system?

By engaging in the three pillars of human movement:

  1. Breathing with the diaphragm.

  2. Activating the vestibular system.

  3. Engaging in contra-lateral movement patterns (your gait pattern).

These three pillars of human movement are the foundation for building a strong and healthy nervous system. They are the RESET button that keeps you “new”. Rolling, rocking, breathing, crawling, moving the head - The Big 5 RESETS - all honor the three pillars of human movement. These pillars are supposed to uphold and support you throughout your entire life. They make you strong from the inside out.

Is it still confusing? That gentleman did tell Mike one other thing, “You just have to experience OS to get it.” Given that, If none of this makes sense, you just have to experience OS. It’s your design. Make sure you take good breaths all day long, move your eyes and head, roll around some, rock back and forth, and crawl and/or walk every single day. It keeps you healthy by keeping your nervous system healthy. It’s as simple as that.

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