What are You Under?

Categories: Blog Aug 20, 2018

I must confess, I cheated this week. Thursday morning I woke up and had something running through my head that I couldn't shake. So at 6 am I sat down and wrote a poem, or song, or psalm - I really don't know what it is, but it was in my head, so I had to let it out.

I put in on Instagram, so you may have already seen it, though I'm guessing you and I aren't friends yet on Instagram.

Anyway, I don't really know if this fits here, but there is part of me that thinks it does. It's about how we choose to see events in life. It's about how we respond based off the influences we are under. Are we under fear? Under fire? Under Love? We are all under. And EVEN THOUGH we are all under the same, together, we don't all SEE that we are under the same. We choose what we are under through our interpretations of the same.

To relate this to restoring your Original Strength, or to relate it to you becoming who you are supposed to be and getting to where you are supposed to go, know that the body and the path follow your beliefs. If you believe something, you gravitate towards that belief. If you believe you can regain your OS, you can. If you believe you cannot succeed, you won't. We all attract what we seek through belief.

This may not be for you today, but then it might.

Anyway, if you care to read my "whatever this is" here you go.

Under Love

Things happen.
Bad things happen to good people.
Good things happen to bad people. 
All things happen.
All things are.

People move.
People move towards good things.
People move towards bad things.
All things are.
All people move.

Storms do come.
After the rain, the birds will feast.
When the water seeps, the flowers will bloom.
Storms do go.
All is beautiful.

The sun shines.
Dark skies hide the sun’s light.
Raging clouds cover the light’s sun.
In the dark, the sun is there.
All is beautiful.
All is light.

Things pass.
Bad things do come but go.
Good things do go but come.
Life moves on.
All is life.

Love is.
Love is found in the bad things.
Love is known in the good things.
All is life.
All is love.

We respond.
We can rise through the bad.
We can glory through the good.
We can choose.
All is choice.

We are under.
Are we always under attack?
Are we always under love?
We are always under.
All is under.

What Will we choose?

Will we feast? Will we bloom? Will we move? Will we rise? Will we shine?  Will we glory? Will we love? Will we live?

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