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I’m writing this on a plane, high over the Atlantic, on my way to England, a quick stop to see my parents, and do some business, and then on to Prague, for an Original Strength Foundations 1 course. By the time I return, I will have been away from my family - my wife, my 3 year old son and my 8 month old daughter, for 10 days.

We just finished up the OS Level 2 course this past weekend and it was amazing. We watched close to 40 of our friends (more like our extended family) take a deeper dive into the system that has revolutionized and restored my life.

Sunday morning, after a time of fellowship, we had a gentleman named Rob, tell his story about discovering Original Strength. His backstory was one of intense pain - 14 years chronic pain and dysfunction stemming from a car accident, watching his body literally fall apart in front of his eyes, and unable to escape his nightmare - literally unable to sleep and becoming a quarter of a million dollars in debt after seeing approximately 200+ different doctors and therapists, who were unable to help him.

As I listened to Rob tell his story, I wondered how he made it. And then, after watching him tell with joy on his face how something as simple as Baby Crawling helped him escape his much of his pain, I saw it:


He told how for the first time he was realizing the hope that kept him going - one foot after another - simply because one of his friends, an OS instructor, introduced him to arguably the simplest, easiest, fastest movement restoration system on the planet.

Hope -

It’s the most overlooked “reset.”

Although not a “traditional” reset in the truest manner, hope keeps us moving forward toward our goals, wishes, dreams, desires, whether it’s something as profound as escaping the suffocating throes of chronic pain, or having your first child when the doctors told you it was against the odds, or being able to simply move like you did when you were a kid.

Hope keeps you alive.

When hope dies, then life quickly becomes a tiresome chore. Hope keeps the spark, the joy of life alight.

Unfortunately, many times when we lose our ability to move, we lose our hope and therefore our joy.

Both Rob and I can attest to the fact that OS restores hope and therefore, joy. It was amazing to watch him talk about his past struggles and then smile and even laugh when he spoke about his restoration from simply Baby Crawling. I’ve personally experienced similar restoration - being injured, broken, fragile, and frustrated and returning to a state of freedom - being able to move pretty much any way I want, any time I want.

If you need a “shot” of hope, Tim has put out a new book called “Original Strength Restoration.”

In it, you’ll learn some of the regressions we use in our Foundations Level 1 course that have been helping people all over the world restore their hope, re-ignite the spark of joy in their lives.

Remember, movement is life and life is movement.

Get your copy of “Original Strength Restoration” here.

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