The Invigorating 3 Minute Reset

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The following reset session will leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed, and awake! It is like a great, big cup of coffee. It is a great way to start your day, or it can be a great "movement snack" that you perform throughout your day. No matter when you do this reset, if you do it every day, good things will happen: You will improve the communication between your left and right brain hemispheres, you will improve the communication between your brain and your body, you will start gluing your body together and begin laying a solid foundation for strength and movement.

The best thing about this invigorating, three minute reset is that it is ridiculously easy and simple to do. You can do it almost anywhere. And, it takes exactly three minutes. There is no excuse not to do this. It is not as if you are marching 25 miles or anything!

Cross-crawl x 1 minute
Baby-crawl x 1 minute
March x 1 minute

That is it. It is simple. It works. It will get your pulse elevated just a little, it will light up your brain like a Christmas tree, and it will start building reflexive strength and stability throughout your body. In other words, this simple three minute plan can help you regain the body you were meant to have.

Really? Yes, really. Give it a try for 40 days. If you are feeling froggy, try it few times a day. You will probably want to as it does leave you feeling refreshed and alert.

Again, this is just a simple "movement snack" that can encourage wonderful things to happen inside your body. There are many other powerful resets that can really help you lay the foundation of strength you were born to have. You can find them in Original Strength: Regaining the Body You Were Meant To Have. They are all just as simple as the ones listed here. You'll want to try them, too. Maybe you'll even want to make your own three minute movement concoction.

Remember, it is only 3 minutes for 40 days. Heck, you know what? I'll bet if you just do it once before a strength training session, you might even get a PR. Wonder what you could do if you did it 40 times?

Whatever you do, give this a shot. It is almost too easy not to do: 2 hours of movement in 40 days - you can do this. After 40 days, write us, email us, call us. Let us know what you experienced. Let us know how good you feel. We want to hear your results.

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