The Intent in the Design

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Ok, I’ll admit this article might seem a little “out there” but I ask you to stay with me until you’ve heard me out. I was recently giving a talk to a group of people about Original Strength. Basically, I was telling them about how their bodies were designed and how they could Press RESET and begin restoring the strength they were designed to have. 

I usually try to be deliberate with the words I choose to use when I’m explaining to someone how to Press RESET to begin the restoration process on their bodies and in their lives. I use words like “designed,” “made,” or “created.” I never use words like “chance,” “happened” or “evolved.” Don’t be offended - please stay with me!

I use the words I do and I don’t use the words I don’t use because I want to convey a message of hope and love. If someone hears that they are designed, made or created, it may create an avenue for them to feel loved. It may create a spark of hope in them that there is more to their life than pain and limitations. But still, regardless of the words I use, words may only run so deep when they encounter a person’s beliefs. That is where the power of experience comes in.

In this past weekend's talk and in our workshops I invite people to experience the RESETS. People can easily dismiss words and therefore dismiss offered knowledge and wisdom, but it’s very hard to dismiss an experience.

Experience is a great teacher that makes you wrestle with the wisdom you are presented with.

So when I present Original Strength to groups I try to combine carefully chosen words with an experience so the attendees can KNOW how the RESETS affect their bodies and so they can wrestle with the words I’m choosing to say. Basically, I’m trying to create an interruption in their normal thought processes and invite them into the possibility that they are awesomely and wonderfully made. Because they are.

And You are too. Awesome. Wonderful. Made. That’s you. 

What that means TO ME is that YOU matter. YOU are loved. 

Creation, The Universe, God, Something, Love fashioned you. Love designed you.  

Which brings me back to the presentation I was giving... At this talk I was giving, I said something that I’ve never said before: 

“God’s intent for you is evident in your design.”

What does that mean?  

Well, it seems to me that the body is designed to heal; from sicknesses to injuries. That is evident. The body is also designed in such a way that movement restores it. If you’ve done anything with Original Strength, if you have Pressed RESET, you KNOW this through experience. 

Movement strengthens the nervous system, restores the body and improves global function of the body. 

What this means to me, as is evident by our design, is that we are meant and intended to heal through a myriad of issues that may happen in a lifetime. We are also meant and intended to be strong through an inconceivable amount of moments, yet the fathomable amount of seasons, throughout our entire lifetime. Made to, intended to, heal and be strong - made to live and intended to have an abundant life. I do believe that is the intent. I believe our design screams it. 

I know that may not be the reality we see and experience, but our current realities don’t change the intent. The intent of the design remains regardless of the situation impacting the design. Don’t miss this: the intent remains... This means, to me, that we are indeed loved. And knowing that is powerful because it’s hopeful; especially when we are broken, especially when we hurt, especially when we think all is lost. Especially when we think we are stuck and alone... We are not. We are loved. And intended to be loved. There is hope in that, a hope that leads to courage, a courage that leads to change. 

I said this was an “out there” article. The point is, I’ve been interrupted...

I understand I’m sharing my beliefs with you. I understand this means I may not be right. But I also understand that I may not be wrong. And really, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is what you believe.

I’m sharing all this with you to create the possibility of an interruption in what you believe; that there is more to you than parts and pieces, chance and happenstance. There is more to this life than, “That’s just the way things are.” Whatever you do, don’t believe that! It’s simply not true. 

You really are awesomely and wonderfully made - by Love. If you don’t believe that, at least ponder it a bit. You’re never alone. You’re never stuck. You’re intended... 


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