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Did you know that different regions of your brain are designed to be in constant communication with one another? Even if you didn't know that, if you stopped to think about that, it may make sense to you that your brain is always talking and listening in itself and to itself. Our brain is in constant communication with itself. Much of this communication is reliant on the input given to it from our bodies; which means our body and brain are also in constant communication with one another. Another way to say that is that our body and our brain are are always in relationship with one another, and our brain is always in relationship with itself.

I know, but hold on, this might just make sense in a minute.

The brain is designed to receive constant input from the body and the body is designed to receive constant feedback from the brain. Areas in the brain themselves are also reliant on constant communication, that in turn is relayed throughout the body. Everything about you is determined by the internal conversations going on in your nervous system. Everything about you is reliant on the relationship between your brain and your body.

The better the relationship between the parts of your brain, the better the relationship between your brain and your body, the better You "are." That is to say, our state of being, our health, is determined by the health of our internal conversations. This is a truth that parallels our relationships with people around us. The better we communicate with the people around us, the better our relationships will be.

Our brains crave to "hear" from our bodies, and in turn our brains want to give information back to our bodies. When we move well, move often, and engage in the world around us, we flood the brain with a wonderful, captivating conversation. In turn, the brain returns good information, good signals, good feedback back into the body. This is a good conversation and a healthy relationship that results in a happy brain and a healthy, strong body.

Sometimes, however, good conversations end. Maybe we stop moving and we don't offer the brain information. Or maybe we get injured and pain steps into the picture. Pain causes us to move less, it alters the healthy conversation. Fear is also the same as pain. Fear causes us to move less too, and it can be interpreted by the brain as pain. Pain, fear, depression, apathy, and idleness can ruin a good conversation. They can starve our brain of the input is desperately craves and this can rob our bodies of the feedback it so desperately needs to maintain it's resiliency.

It is the silence caused by not moving, caused by fear, or pain, that destroys the relationship between the brain and the body. This silence kind of creates a "broken heart" in the brain, itself. All the wonderful information and relationship the brain lives for, is smothered and dampened by the absence of conversation. This is why it is so important to move and engage in life the ways our bodies were designed to. This is why "pressing reset" and moving like a child are so effective in restoring our health and resiliency.

Movement is the expression, the vehicle for conversation, that the brain cherishes. Movement is the foundation for a healthy conversation, a healthy relationship. Not moving - silence - is a relationship killer.

It's funny, our bodies are simply representatives of our lives in the world. We (people) we made for communication, for relationship. The better we communicate with one another, the better our relationships are. Silence, pain, and fear, stop conversations between people just as they do inside the body. When there is silence in a relationship, in a marriage, in a friendship, that relationship suffers and eventually dies.

Everything about us, from how we work internally on a cellular level, to how we interact externally with one another in the world, screams that we were made for conversation - for relationship.

The relationships in your life, and in yourself, are the relationships that lead to life. If you aren't talking, start. If you aren't listening, listen. If you aren't being, be.

We were not made for silence. We were not made for isolation. We were created for multidimensional conversation and relationship. We were made to move, to express, to dance, to glance, to smile, to touch, to hold, to wink, to converse = To Live.

Today, in the USA, it is Labor Day, a day of rest from all our labors. This could lead to a whole other post, but in life, we labor for so many things, some times the wrong things, or things that just don't matter in the grand scheme of life. But one of the things we should labor for is relationship. We should labor to become good communicators and we should strive to have good conversations - within ourselves and with others around us. Relationship and communication are joys that most of us have rested far too long from.

Happy Labor Day. If you are in another part of the world, Happy Relationship Day.

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