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From our friend KP, 33 years old...

"Having once been a nationally ranked junior tennis player in Australia, I am no stranger to working hard.  Since my tennis days I have developed a history of debilitating back pain following long periods of sitting, especially after frequent business flights, and spasms after long flights that would require that I scale back during workouts. With Original Strength, I have put that completely behind me. Working with OS Certified Level 1 Pro, Eric Jordan, we focused on breathing, segmental rolling and all the RESETS.  I noticed the biggest positive changes in segmental rolling. Several months ago, after a monster travel schedule covering 2 continents, I was amazed…my back was not a problem and it's been many months since it was an issue. Meanwhile my workouts have become more varied and athletic.  When we add variety and intensity, we also add time spent on RESETs.  By the way, I have an infant and a toddler, who are my coaches along with Eric. Through OS and Pressing RESET, I’ve found relief from back pain, lost weight and regained the ability to move well again."

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