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Categories: Stories Nov 28, 2018

Testimonial – Client of Lisa Konoplisky of Pulse Kettlebell and Yoga

“OS has been a godsend for me. I’m a professor, and spend most of my day hunched over a computer or seated at a desk. I was developing pain in my low back and hip but nothing seemed to effectively address it. I used to be a ballet dancer and have always been drawn to movement that is full-body and doesn’t require equipment or machines.

So at Lisa’s urging I decided to give OS a try. It’s amazing! It’s almost too good to be true. But when you see how simple and yet powerful movements like crawling, rocking and rolling can be you know it’s the real deal. I’m never bored. I can always use the progressions and regressions to tailor my training to what I want to accomplish that day—maybe I want a more gentle workout to combat stress or maybe I really want to amp things up metabolically for some intensity. It doesn’t matter. You can do it all. The number of variations you can use with the resets is endless. Also, you can do the resets anywhere. This makes it great for traveling. I can maintain my training wherever I go, even in a tiny hotel room. It also makes it cost effective! I rarely get low back or hip pain any more, even though I still spend a lot time on my computer or seated at my desk. Plus it’s just plain fun! There are so few rules. It’s very freeing, like being a kid again. Going to a traditional gym NEVER felt like that! Every day I spend 15-20 minutes doing my resets. It’s made a huge difference. Everybody can find the time to fit this into their lives. And the benefits you will reap are beyond compare.”

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