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Categories: In The News Apr 04, 2018

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(#280) Tim Anderson returns to the podcast this week in our best interview to date. (Honestly, this one is amazing, folks!)

Tim is the co-founder of Original Strength and the author of several great books about how to restore human movement. His new book is titled “The Becoming BulletProof Project” and you’ll learn all about his latest work this week.

This was a great conversation from the beginning and there are many practical applications in the session.

Here’s what you’ll hear about:

  • How Tim’s training radically changed from the beginning
  • What being “Superman” means to Tim
  • What is it to Become Bulletproof?
  • The advice he’d give his younger self
  • What is it to be truly strong?
  • The importance of “becoming”
  • The importance of “choice”
  • The key to fitness in one word
  • How to combat the aging process
  • Why does the body break down and how to prevent it
  • Understand the mindset in aging
  • What the Becoming Bulletproof Project is all about
  • Understand the “nudge” that leads to action
  • Examples of simple, but brutal workouts contained in the book
  • How to develop a strong mind and body with this system
  • Work capacity vs strength (defining work capacity)
  • What it felt like doing a one-mile leopard crawl?
  • How Tim overcomes doing OS movements in public settings?
  • How often Tim “resets?” And why?
  • Tim talks about his morning routines!
  • Learn about the Original Strength Institute
  • The best thing about Original Strength is…
  • What’s the hardest thing (the challenge) about OS?
  • Neck nods and the overhead press – why it works?
  • A specific practice to use neck nods to improve pressing
  • Why Tim wrote the new book and the book he’s most proud of
  • The “story” of the 135-pound Turkish get-up
  • What’s your next step with Original Strength?
  • Learn about the different OS certifications
  • What’s next for Tim?
  • A training practice you can use today after hearing this interview

Exercise is not what you think it is. What you think is strength is really not strength. Strength is being able to live the life the way you want. - Tim Anderson


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