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Categories: In The News Jul 11, 2016

Original Strength Systems, Fuquay-Varina, NC adds “the educator” to the Certified Instructor Team.

Robert “Bob” Munds of Clinton, Illinois is the latest to join the elite team of OS Certified Instructors.  Bob is has been teaching kids math and computers for years in addition to teaching his body how to move again and continue to build amazing strength as he looks to retire from an amazing 40 year career and start a new one of teaching people to move again.

“We are super thrilled Bob has chosen OS to help not only himself but also our workshop attendees to restore and maintain the vitality, resilience and strength of the human body.  Having him as part of our team allows us to keep up with the demand for our workshops.  Bob’s passion is addicting and he’ll do a great job leading our workshops.” said OS Master Instructor and managing partner Danielle “Dani” Almeyda.

Munds said “I was a typical adult having spent a significant amount of time sitting at a computer. The reward for all this was the usual set of aches and pains associated with getting older. I then learned about Original Strength (Becoming Bulletproof at that time). I was instantly hooked. I now start every day pressing reset. I also use the resets throughout the day. I'll do them before, during and after a kettlebell session. They're also a major part of my golf warm-up.


One of the things mentioned at each Pressing RESET Workshop are the "aha" moments that often occur. I've never had an aha moment, but I do have daily aah moments. One aha moment may be nice, but good things happening every day are even better.  I'm so excited about OS that I'll talk to anyone about the benefits of pressing reset. It's a natural progression to go from casual conversations with friends (and sometimes strangers) to teaching. There is nothing better than having people get on the floor rolling and rocking so they can learn how to press reset. Spreading the OS love so they can have their own daily aah moments!”

OS co-founder Tim Anderson is also a fan of Munds and said “When we first met nearly 6 years ago, Bob could not get enough information as if he was drinking from a fire hose.  He applied the OS principles to his life and his routines and it still blows me away when I think about how strong he has become since that first day. I am extremely proud to have Bob on our team.”

OS is the simplest, easiest to use movement restoration system ever created.  People continuously seek a simple and effective way to move better or build strength and OS shows a profoundly simple way to do both. The OS mission is to set people free through movement.  We do this by teaching others to teach others.



Original Strength Systems located in Fuquay-Varina, NC  (Raleigh area) teaches people how to move the way their body was designed to move using the human developmental movement patterns.  If you want to teach others to move again and provide them with hope and restored strength, allowing those of all ages and physical abilities to do whatever they do, better, visit OriginalStrength.net to learn more or contact John Usedom (John at Original Strength.net)

If you are ready to live your life better and help others, get to an OS Pressing RESET Workshop or find an OS Certified Coach trained to administer the Original Strength Screen and Assessment (OSSA) at OriginalStrength.net.

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