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In Original Strength we talk a great deal about Pressing RESET on the ground. This is simply returning to the movements pre-programmed in our nervous system. These movements are mostly seen and known as the developmental sequence and they are immeasurably powerful when it comes to restoring the body or revealing the body. Moving through the developmental sequence on the ground strengthened most of us as children and it can strengthen most of us as adults.

I say most of us were strengthened this way as children because not all of us actually moved through each area of the developmental sequence on the ground and those of us that did didn’t all move through it in the same way. We are all different, from different cultures, homes, backgrounds and beliefs. And, I say most of us can be strengthened this way as adults, but not all of us will actually get down on the ground and revisit those movements and some of us actually don’t belong on the ground if it is contra-indicated (if injury or other condition advise to do otherwise). But the beautiful thing about Pressing RESET, or returning to those pre-programmed movements, is that they are not ground dependent.

What I mean is that you can return to the movements of your original operating system wherever you desire or wherever you find yourself. You can restore your body and discover your Original Strength in any position or in any altitude, from the ground to a chair to standing. All you have to do is start where you are, or simply move how you can when you can. 

Real quick, let’s look at the 5 major resets we teach (there are more, but we started here): 

  • Breathing

  • Head Control

  • Rolling

  • Rocking

  • Crawling

Did you know all of these can be done in a chair? Did you know all of these can be done standing. Did you know a standing reset could actually be “more powerful” than one done on the ground? Did you know Pressing RESET in a chair may be where you need to start to get the strength to Press RESET on the ground. There is no set starting order or location. There is only starting. That’s all that matters - starting and doing.

Look at the 5 resets above again. You may be thinking it doesn’t make sense that crawling can be done standing but it could be because you would call it marching, or cross-crawling, or even walking. You might also think that It doesn’t make sense that you could do rocking standing up, but you can. You just might call it swaying, or even dancing. 

You see, the original movement template you were born with was designed to be the foundation of all the movements you make. It was designed to be layered in everything you do. And in truth, if you really broke the original movement template down, you could distill it down to the Three Pillars of Human Movement: 
  • Breathe with the diaphragm

  • Activate your vestibular system

  • Engage in your contra-lateral gait pattern

These three things are meant to be at the heart of every movement you make, even the ones you don’t make. 

Anyway, the point is that you can Press RESET and restore your body anywhere you find yourself. Yes, the ground is a great place to start, but it may not be the best place to be at the time, and it may not be accessible to you until you engage in those three pillars somewhere else. It may be hard to imagine, but some standing resets may actually give you the ability to perform ground resets that you otherwise couldn’t. There are no hard rules. 

Well, I take that back. There is ONE rule: Move.

Move the way you were designed to move. Every breathe should be a breathe of life. Every movement should fully engage, inspire, and stimulate your vestibular system. Every step you take should connect your brain and continually connect your body and make you whole. 

One rule: Move.

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