No More "Weak Guy"

Categories: Stories Aug 07, 2017

Our friend Marco emailed us with his OS RESET story...

My name is Marco (Sardinia, Italy). I tell my story, I keep it brief, just to say thank you.

First time I heard about OS was in April 2016, in a seminar of Movement Restoring held by Master SFG Fabio Zonin and SFG Team Leader Cristian Zedda.  I liked the principles and started to practice it daily.

Since then I decided to became a StrongFirst certified instructor of bodyweight and kettlebells. (I'm 31 now and I trained with purpose for about 15 years). I started my training for the SFB, doing the OS Resets before and after every training. I trained 6 days a week (3 days BW and 3 days KB) after nine hours of work in forests and I felt great!

I became an SFB in December. Ok let's lift more KB for the SFG of June. The sessions were longer, I had to travel further for job, the stress comes in and I started to skip the resets even more.

In the last weeks of training before the cert I was so tight that I can't look my navel, bad belly breathing, sore shoulders (I have an issue in my left scapula due to a problem during my birth, I have a twin brother) and I don't know why those days I cannot rise my right arm too.

I visited a chiropractor and an osteopath. The osteopath said that it was my "weak" body and I had to live with this kind of problem and other things like this. What?! I never suffered of strain neither sprain in all my life before. I was devastated, my mood was under the shoes and I remember that weekend I skipped the training too. One night in those days (it was a torture to sleep and stay in bed) I remembered about OS, I get up and I did 3 mins of rocking. That night I slept!

I bought all of yours books, watched and subscribed to your videos and newsletter, I was borning another time.

I started the Resets again, in less than two weeks I had a new body. The crawling kept my press strength, I began to sleep again and the tightness were even less!

I did the resets in the Inn during the cert and whenever I had the time. I "the weak guy" certified with no problems at all.

We love strength training you know, but if there is a thing that I keep during my entire life is Pressing Reset! Now I am sharing your principles with other people who need it. I am helping two guys to regain his OS; one of them had a car accident and the other is an ex-boxer with stability problems. I promised myself that if one day I start to teach in a gym I will open and close the training sessions with the Resets.

I want to become an OS Instructor too. Period. I saw in your last newsletter that you are coming in Italy in January, 2018 right?  I waited a lot this opportunity, but I lose my job at the moment and maybe I have to leave Italy to find one. I promise that if I am still here I participate.

Now the most important thing in this email...




PS: Sorry for my English:-)

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