My Broken Body Solution

Categories: Stories Apr 26, 2016

Before being introduced to Original Strength I had bad shoulders, a rigid back and neck, a bum knee, and painful pronated ankles. These became barriers to my sticking with exercise because it just hurt. I don’t mean the normal burn and aches that come with exercise, but pain that made my body feel broken.

I remember my first conversation with Tim Anderson, he told me that our bodies are meant to be healthy and that means they can heal. I was very skeptical, but I was getting so sick of being out shape that I was willing to try anything.

67400006-b3ad-4915-829d-c8c7b833dda0In the first week of training and doing Original Strength RESETS my neck was almost 100% better. I had a range of motion that I hadn’t experienced in years. Then my weak and achy knees began enduring more than ever before and feeling strong as I did more training. In the third week my shoulders were stronger, and more flexible than I ever remember them being. I used to be afraid of stretching my right shoulder too far, because it would pop or hurt. After three weeks it felt so much better and I wasn’t afraid to push them to their limits.

Over a course of 3 months, by far the change that surprised me the most [after doing resets and training at OS Institute] had nothing to do with strength, stamina or weight loss. My whole life I have had IBS and tried changing diets – gluten free, no dairy…you name it. I had every medical test possible, but nothing ever took the pain in my gut away. At the time of my writing this, I have had zero stomach pain since the first week at OS Institute.

This was the ultimate evidence to me that Original Strength heals. I am a firm believer based on my experience that our bodies want to be healthy, and we let our lives and choices get in the way of the amazing power our bodies possess. I have been in the process of getting out of my body’s way and letting it become what it was designed to be. Don’t miss out on being amazed by your own body when it’s tapped into its true potential.

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