Movements & RESETS Saved My Life

Categories: Stories Oct 24, 2017

Our friend and OS Certified Professional - Pro, Tristan Phillips posted the following...Had a wonderful review by one of my wonderful clients. Brought tears to my eyes. This is why I do what I do. A true testament to the power of OS. I love this system, the people involved in it, and the ability to help others that it has given me. Reset every day. Movement fixes most things.

"I have had lower back pain since I'm 19. I am now 47. I have herniated discs L4, L5 and a fused sacrum from birth. I've had unsuccessful foot surgeries when I was in my twenties that left me with scar tissue and arthritis in both feet. I also had whiplash from a car accident in 2014 and my neck pain comes on strong when I experience stress. I had been suffering for years with debilitating pain. Not just in my back, but inflammation that made my legs painful and tender to the touch. I saw Tristan on News12 years ago...he was helping people "move." At that time I could not bend down to get the pots out of my cabinets, without severe pain everywhere. Bending down was excruciating, so food shopping was miserable. Actually, everything I did felt miserable, so the couch became my best friend. All I wanted to do was move without pain. Not only was my pain a part of my day, but it was part of my sleep as well. I would have to grab my pajama pants and lift my butt to turn my body in bed because the pain was so severe I couldn't turn on my own. I finally got in touch with Tristan in December of 2016 and he assured me that not only would I be able to bend easily to get to my pots and pans, but he would have me shoveling snow by February. Let me tell you...Tristan is an absolute genius, a lifesaver, and the most dedicated individual in this field. He truly becomes so excited when he sees someone succeed. It is so motivating. Oh, and sometimes he's even a little funny. 

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