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We have been blessed with amazing stories about how Original Strength has helped people. Today, I want to share one of those stories with you. Michael Graham sent me a letter a couple of days ago (6/3/13). To be very honest with you, when I read it, I broke down crying. I would have never, ever, guessed that simple resets could make such a life changing difference. What a journey this has been for many of us. What a blessing.

Before you read his story, you should know that we are not claiming that Original Strength can cure diseases, or that our intent is to treat diseases. We are only sharing this amazing, miraculous story. The truth is that the body is not meant to be broken. It is meant to be whole. The body fights to heal itself. In fact, the body is designed to heal itself – through MOVEMENT.

Simple movements can help restore a stroke victims use of his body, simple movements can build new connections and pathways in the brain. This is proof that the body was not meant to be broken and that movement helps to heal.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Here is Michael’s story:


My name is Michael Graham, and I am writing just to thank you.

I’m a 48 your old who was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) which greatly affected my right leg. Throughout my life I had chronic pain, a bad limp due to mainly functionality of leg and length discrepancies in both legs (right leg being about 2” shorter than the left.) and pretty much a leg that was nothing but skin and bones.

Happy to report today I’m pain free, building strength and function, which is adding girth, to CP leg and – get this – fixed leg length discrepancy. That’s right. My legs were always the same length. My hips were all jacked up. All I had to do is turn them into Russian made style (Professed Pavel groupie).

Your reset program has been a HUGE factor in this process. Matter of fact, I just ordered “Original Strength” hard copy. In the mail as I type. I have “pressing reset” in PDF, so I’ve been following your work for awhile.

Again, just wanted to drop you a note to thank you. Your work has helped a cripple guy feel normal. Take a bow!! You earned it!!


That is such a powerful testimonial. Just think about Michael’s story. If Original Strength can have such an amazing affect on this man’s life, a man with CP, what kind of effect could Original Strength have on you?

Thank you, Michael Graham, for sharing your story.


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