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Have you ever been injured and told by a medical professional to rest and let the injury heal? That is usually pretty sound advice. After all, the body is indeed made to heal. When things go awry in our bodies, there is a healing process. I really like to think of this healing process as proof that we weren't made to be injured or frail. If we were, there would be no need for us to heal.

Anyway, sometimes we can take the sound, well meaning advice from our medical friends too far. Sometimes we let our injuries place us into a prison of fear. How many people have you met who have mentioned that they have a "bad back"? Perhaps you know someone who injured their back some time ago, say 10 years ago, and they still live as if their back is injured. Maybe their doctor told them to "be careful, and give yourself time to heal." But all they heard was, "you've really got to be careful from now on." So, even though the times of healing have past, they still live as if they are injured; they live in fear of bending over, of picking up something heavy, of maybe even playing with their own children. Do you know anyone like this?

Maybe you have heard someone say, "I've got a bad knee. I injured it playing soccer in high school." But they are now 40 years old! They don't have a bad knee. They have a knee! Two of them!

The point is that sometimes we change the meaning of words, of thoughts, and even reality and we create our own prison of fear. We somehow believe the lie that our bodies are fragile because we are growing older, because had an injury in the past, or because bad genetics run in our family gene pool. None of these things are true, yet we believe them, and in doing so we walk out these beliefs as our realities. In other words, we allow fear to create and guide the real experiences of our lives; creating an alternate reality apart from the one we should be living.

I don't know where you are in your own reality, but let me give you some truths in case your reality is not as it should be:

1. Just because you have been injured doesn't mean you are permanently broken. It only means you are injured - for a time.

2. Just because your joints crackle and pop, it doesn't mean you should never move them again.

3. Aging does not mean fragile. Aging means time is ticking by. Even though time goes by, you can still stand your ground in strength.

4. Your body is made to move. If anyone ever tells you to never engage in an activity that you love to do, or if you ever start to believe that you cannot move as you feel you once could or should, reject that notion. Seek a second opinion, even a seventh opinion if you need to. And simply marinate on the idea that a creation that was made to move should probably do what it was created for - movement. Because if you were indeed made to move, and you were, then movement is probably the elixir that cures what ails you.

5. You were not meant to live in fear. Fear creates bondage. We often place so many rules and limits on our lives and the lives of others because we allow fear to guide us. Don't believe me? Where are all the monkey bars we grew up with? Where is dodge ball? Why don't most adults spend anytime on the floor? Why do adults live inside of a memory of an old injury when they are 20 years past healing from that injury?

Again, fear is just a lie meant to keep us from being who we were meant to be. It keeps us from living and enjoying life to the fullest. Most of the time, it is self imposed. That's a sneaky lie....

We need to move on. That is what we were made to do. Examine your life. Are there self-imposed rules you have placed on yourself from the false lies of fear? Have you made extreme rules out of simple precautions? Are you afraid to move because you believe you are fragile? Are you settling for silly notions that aging means falling apart? If so, reject those notions and rules and stand for the truth. You were meant to live and move throughout your life in strength.

Moving is good for you. It even helps you change the way you think.

Move on.

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