Let Your Strength Out

Categories: Blog Nov 05, 2018

Being strong makes life enjoyable. It just does. Whether it’s having the strength to walk to your own mailbox or it’s having the strength to help a neighbor carry a couch up three flights of stairs, strength is priceless because it allows us to move well in the ways we want to so that we can engage in life. In fact, I’m convinced strength is the ability to move well so you can live the way you want. It’s not big muscles, it’s big abilities. It’s not shredded muscles, it’s about shredding through obstacles. It is one of the greatest gifts we could have for navigating through life. 

Whether we know it or not, we all want to be strong. And I think we all know that because we all seem to always be looking for it or drawn to it in one way or another. We love stories of heroes, stories of underdogs, stories of rising from the ashes, and so on. We love stories of strength and ability. None of us are drawn to the house made of straw we want to live in the house made of brick. We talk about the little engine that could not the big tank that sank. I’m sorry, carried away here...

My point is, strength allows us to live well. We all want it and we all look for it. Unfortunately, we often look for it in the wrong places. I believe I can tell you where it is, but first I know I can tell you where it’s not. 

Strength is not in a powder; protein, green, or exotic. You won't find strength there. 

Strength is not in a room; weight room, MMA room, yoga room, or Zumba room. 

Strength is not in a system; a training system, eating system, or belief system.

It’s not in a food, a ritual, a rep, a set, a method, or a drug. 

That’s where it’s not. If those are the places you are looking for strength the only thing you’ll find is where it is not. 

Where is it then? Well, let’s explore together...

Strength is in a movement; a breath, a glance, a nod, a reach, a roll, a rock, and a step.

Strength is in a thought; an intent, a desire, a dream, and a belief

Strength is in the whole; a spirit, a soul, and a body

Strength is in you.

You have ALL the strength you could ever need or want to live the life you want to live. It is inside of you and it always has been. You may not have realized that yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It may only mean you haven’t discovered it or allowed it. 

We have to allow ourselves to be strong. We have to get out of our own way and honor our design. We have to nourish ourselves with the movement patterns we were programmed with. They strengthen our nervous system, develop our minds, help harness our emotions, and reveal our potential. The more we engage in our patterns, the better we move. The better we move, the better we think and feel. The better we feel, the calmer we are. The calmer we are, the stronger we become. I’m talking about total strength here, the full package - spirit, mind, and body. It is in us. It is our design. It is there if we look for it. 

We have been given what we need to thrive. But all too often we look outward for our strength instead of inward. Please don’t confuse what I’m saying, I’m not saying we should look inward to our egos for strength, that is weakness. I’m saying we should trust our design and if not our design, we should trust the intent behind our design. We were made for strength. It’s in our nature. There is no magic sets and reps scheme. There is no magic drug, pill, vitamin or powder. There is no secret formula, handshake, tension technique, or anything else. All of those things, while they may lend the appearance to gaining and finding strength are illusionary. They leave gaps and lacking in strength and they can even lead to dependency, which is weakness, the absence of strength. 

I think maybe I misspoke there. Weakness is not the absence of strength but perhaps the non-realization of strength. If we were all made to be strong and if we were all given all the strength we could ever need to have - hidden inside of our design, the only way we could ever be weak is to not realize what we are and what is inside of us. 

I hope this makes sense. You are meant to be strong. All the strength you could ever want is yours to have. You were meant to live a life of adventure and ability. The potential for epic legends to be written and spoken about you to future generations is inside of your design. Marinate and contemplate on your design. Engage in it. Let your body and mind do what they are prepared and programmed to do; express and reveal your strength. 

It is in you, waiting for you to let it out.

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