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Jul 9, 2017

LT 079 | Dani Almeyda - Original Strength

My guest for Episode 079 of the LEO Training Podcast is Dani Almeyda, co-owner of Original Strength.

Dani has worked in the health and fitness industry for the last 10 years.  Throughout her whole life, health and wellness have had a major influence on Dani. Whether it was from her experience as collegiate athlete, as a Director of Campus Recreation, or as a Fitness Professional, her experiences and formal education have provided her with the tools necessary to be successful.

Dani is a co-owner of a private training studio in North Carolina, OPT Fitness, and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.  She brings an abundance of energy, passion, and an incredible drive to help the world regain it’s Original Strength.  Almeyda, a mother of two, is also working on a developing a program specifically for mom’s.

Interview Topics:

  • Intro/Background
  • Original Strength
  • Neurodevelopmental patterns
  • Breathing, Head Control, Rolling, Rocking, Crawling
  • Women's Movement Collaborative

Show Notes:

Read more at https://leotraining.libsyn.com/lt-079-dani-almeyda-original-strength#QFyPhT0MMgvGtFGz.99

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