Johns Hopkins Hospital Hosting Original Strength OS Pro RESET Workshop

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Hosting Original Strength OS Pro RESET Workshop 12/10-11/2016

More than 250 health and fitness professionals from around the world have attended one of the seven OS Pro RESET Workshops held in Fuquay Varina since 2014.  For the first time since its development Original Strength will be teaching this high level workshop in a remote location - John Hopkins University Hospital.  

Ken Johnson PT, Manager, Rehabilitation Therapy Services, Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center  said "The Original Strength program allows us to tap into the reflexive strength of our patients and is one of the few programs that our team at Johns Hopkins has found meets the foundational needs of virtually every single patient population we see.  Our patient populations consist of medically complex patients with cancer, musculoskeletal, neuro, amputees, or transplant and from professional athletes to the active aging.  It is simple to integrate and we are systematically training all of our outpatient providers and support staff including students, rehab techs, residents, and therapists."  

The OS Pro RESET Workshop provides attendees with an understanding of the complexities found in the simplicity of the OS system.  Over a two day period, the instructors will cover the neurology, physiology and pathology tied to the OS RESETs. In addition to the science, attendees will also learn the Original Strength Screen & Assessment (OSSA).  The OSSA is known as the quickest and easiest way to identify any person’s starting point for improving or restoring movement.

“I like the versatility that the OSSA provides. Whether I'm looking at a patient with a low back or neck issue, or has pain with running, the OSSA  gives me a standardized sequence of movements that are easy for my patients to understand and easy to develop into a home program. As is the case with most manual therapy modalities the evaluation and treatments are often very similar. Often the movements feel natural for my patients to perform, which I believe adds to their compliance with their HEP.” stated Dr. Dan Barrows DPT, Owner Barrows Physical Therapy.

Other topics covered at the OS Pro Workshop include using the OS RESETs to improve and strengthen the anterior chain and the pelvic floor. Attendees will also experience and gain an understanding for when loading the Big 5 RESETs is appropriate and how loading them can make them even more effective in certain situations with various patients.

OS Pro RESET Workshop attendees must have successfully completed an OS Pressing RESET Workshop as a prerequisite. OS Pressing RESET Workshops are available throughout the United States.

Tim Anderson, co-founder Original Strength said “We are excited to take our OS Pro RESET Workshop on the road making it a bit more convenient for people to access and we are honored to be invited by Ken Johnson and his team at Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center. This particular workshop will put a heavier emphasis on the health profession and incorporating OS into patient treatment.”

OS is the simplest, and most effective movement restoration system ever created.  This system is the foundation of all movement.  Implementing the OS RESETS into your life will allow you to do everything you do, better, improving the quality of your life. This is what OS is all about: Helping people live life better.

Original Strength Systems located in Fuquay-Varina, NC (Raleigh area), teaches health and fitness professionals how to teach others to move.  We teach a unique method of re-introducing the human developmental movement patterns into a person’s life.  If you want to teach others to move again and provide them with hope and restored strength, allowing those of all ages and physical abilities to do whatever they do, better, visit to learn more or contact John Usedom (John at Original

If you are ready to live life better and help others, get to an OS Pressing RESET Workshop or find an OS Certified Coach trained to administer the Original Strength Screen and Assessment (OSSA) at


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