68 Year Old Man Schools us on Principles

Categories: Stories Jan 26, 2016

Meet Freddie Mitchell aka The Steel Geezer....

I am what they call a high miler.

I’m 68, but if my life had an odometer it would read in Roman Numerals. I qualify for two artificial knees and until I found Original Strength my rotator cuffs were rotator puffs however even if you combined these factors along with the lifelong back issues from heavy dead lifts and squats, one stroke and a 5th heart attack that literally killed me resulting in an Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator that looks like a can of sardines sticking out of my chest, everything was copasetic. OK it was like (other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the theater)

To be honest, I’ve faced death so many times the hairs on the back of my neck don’t stand up any more. The death angel doesn’t even bother showing up now; he figures it’s just another false alarm. Besides he knows I’m doing Original Strength.

How I discovered Tim Anderson and Original Strength could be summed up in just two words, (divine intervention).

I have friends, family, medical records, a Sports Medicine Doctor, x-rays and a personal physician that will tell you the wonders that have taken place since I started practicing the Original Strength principles. I can do dips, chins, pushups, squats the whole enchilada, all pain free. Heck I can even give myself a black eye with my knee if I get carried away doing my standing cross crawls and I couldn’t even kick the cat before.

545a33a6-c29f-404b-944a-2c3b7fe86aedOriginal Strength is principle based. I learned about principles 10 years ago from a gentleman who is a combat tactics, special ops instructor. My eyes were opened to the wondrous possibilities of a principle integrated life.

I learned that principles are immutable laws of universal reality. They are foundational, not mere techniques, tactics, procedures or opinions. They are applicable across the entire spectrum of human function; physically, mentally and spiritually. For this reason there are no concerns regarding retention as these principles are already imbedded in your human hard drive. You do not acquire their benefits, they are yours by right.

The principles of Original Strength are simple, easy to integrate and they work for anyone and everyone, enabling you to experience your inherent right to healing, resilience and that special no holds barred life you are here to live.

Original Strength, endorsed by the Universe.

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