I’m an Original Strength PRO! Now what?

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Congratulations! You’ve gone through the Pressing RESET Certification AND Original Strength Pro RESET Certification. You’ve experienced the power of this simple, powerful movement system, delved deep into the nuances that set OS apart in the world of movement improvement, and have set YOURSELF apart as an instructor or coach with borderline super powers (as far as your students and athletes are concerned, anyway).

So…now what?

As any martial artist will tell you, getting your black belt is only the beginning of your journey. The steps you take AFTER you’ve had that belt wrapped around your waist determine whether or not you stay a hobbyist or transform into a true master of your art.

Or, to quote Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes in Don Quixote: “It’s the road, not the inn”.

And so it goes with Original Strength.

Now that you have your black belt, the journey can truly begin.

Just like the martial arts, the experience you get from practicing your craft – especially with like-minded coaches and eager students – is an unmistakably valuable part of the journey.

Unlike martial arts, however – which require a great degree of very precise training to earn the right to move up to the next step – Original Strength’s power lies in the fact that acceleration from one level to the next often happens at astonishing speed.

Because it is based on the natural and foundational movements of the human body, progress comes at a rapid clip, and the combined momentum of your knowledge and personal/professional experience will propel you forward faster and faster until you reach a fork in the road.

One sign will point you in the direction you’re already going – a great option no matter who you are.  But the other sign will point you to the road not-yet-travelled; the road toward newer and greater heights of strength and athletic performance that picks up where Pressing RESET and OS PRO leave off:  Original Strength Performance.

Crafted by Original Strength co-founder Tim Anderson along with two of the Original Strength system’s brightest luminaries – athletic performance coach Mark Shropshire and NFL Strength and Conditioning coach Chip Morton – OS Performance shows you how to take the Original Strength resets you already know and love and harness them for unique and undeniable transformation of your performance both in the weight room and on the athletic field.

Original Strength Performance’s material is not just for professional athletic coaches, however. Even your “everyday athletes” and avid movers will be able to use the wealth of information and next-level drills to ramp up their own personal strength and performance in record time.

Personally, some of the stuff I’ve started implementing into my own daily training have already proved to be game changers. For example:

    • How to turn a $5 dowel you can get at a hardware store into a no-impact speed training tool for
      sprinting preparation – without needing more than 10 feet of space
    • A simple way to effectively train your athletes and students how to get stronger in the frontal
      and transverse planes – without resorting to bodybuilding movements or complicated
      programming – to further bulletproof their bodies while ramping their strength and work
      capacity through the roof
    • How to methodically prepare an athlete or student for bigger numbers in the weight room by
      learning NFL S&C coach Chip Morton’s simple and intuitive system for pairing the proper resets
      to any strength movement.
    • Increase your students’ and athletes’ reaction speed and effortlessly connect their reflexive
      strength to their brute strength with a never-before-seen “dowel drill” that can be modified to
      let beginners and advanced students work together –even despite major strength differences. Best yet, it can also be very quickly adapted into a solo drill that can be done at home or while

But perhaps my favorite was the various ways to load the essentials like crawling and marching in unique and head-slappingly simple ways that build upon what I learned at OS PRO.

My one regret?

I didn’t attend sooner!

If you’ve gone through OS PRO and are looking to take your and your students/athletes’ performance to bold new heights while setting yourself apart among the trainers and coaches in your area, you owe it to yourself and your students to attend OS Performance.

Take the road not-yet-travelled, learn the tricks of the trade from the very best of the best, and enjoy the view from brand new heights of strength and performance!

Aleks Salkin is a level 2 StrongFirst-certified kettlebell instructor (SFG II) and was hand picked to be among the first crop of Original Strength Instructors. He grew up scrawny, unathletic, weak, and goofy until he was exposed to kettlebells and the teachings and methodology of Pavel Tsatsouline in his early 20s. He has taught or co-instructed at workshops in 6 countries (US, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia) and recently returned to the US after 4 1/2 years of living in Israel.  He is currently based near Philadelphia, PA and spends his time teaching clients both in person and online as well as spreading the word of StrongFirst and calisthenics.  He regularly writes about strength and health both to his popular email list and as a guest author on other websites. Find him online here

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