"I Feel Better"

Categories: Stories Nov 08, 2017

From our friend Keerthi...

My body is broken; imbalances all over due to overzealous training regime. I came across OS from one of Dan John’s books. I wanted to fix my body. I wanted to regress. I wanted to move. I set out to reset my body.

8 or so months later, I still do the big 5 resets every single day. My day begins with the resets. I try to end my day with the resets. On the weekends, I just lie on the floor exploring all the playful variations. I feel refreshed. I think clear. I walk fluid. There is still pain. The imbalances aren’t gone completely but I move better now. Will I be ever pain free? I do not know. I just feel better, have better awareness overall, feel more connected and grounded now. I will never stop pressing reset.

One day I WILL liberate my body.


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