A Life Improved

Categories: Stories Sep 27, 2017

“The Original Strength resets have made a huge impact on the quality of my life.

After spending 20 years in emergency services, I struggled with low back pain on a daily basis for a number of years. All the years of sitting in a patrol car while loaded down with duty gear caused a large degree of anterior pelvic tilt and hyperlordosis in my lumbar region.   Since I have been using things that I have learned from you in the OS system my life is greatly improved.  The rocking push-up has been a key part of transforming the way that I feel.  My low back is greatly improved. 

I am actively encouraging my patients to include the OS system resets in their daily life, and the ones who do, report improvement in their lives also.  I will be attending an upcoming OS workshop and look forward to meeting you and continuing to learn from you things that will help improve my life as well as the lives of my patients."  - Hal N. Bullock D.C.

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