Getting Ripped with Original Strength

Categories: Blog, Stories Nov 09, 2014

Since Original Strength began, I have experienced and seen more blessings than I can count. I've seen both joy and hope overcome so many different people as their pain and fear melt away. It is so wonderful to watch people experience this as well.

Recently, at an OS workshop in Chicago, I watched a man literally get ripped while pressing reset. It was like watching a miracle unfold right before my eyes. There was a 72 year young gentleman at the workshop named "Him" (I want to protect Him's identity). Him could squat a little over halfway to parallel. I guess thats about a quarter deep, or so. We often have people squat at our workshops to determine how pressing reset effects their ability to move (squat). Anyway, at the beginning of the workshop, Him was squatting a little above parallel.

We showed the group a few breathing resets, and told everyone to check their squats. I was watching Him squat because I love to watch how people's movements change throughout the day, and I knew that Him would be one to keep my eyes on. I watched as Him stood up from the floor, set his feet, and then down he went. Him squatted below parallel! You should have seen the look on this 72 year young's face! It was priceless - full of surprise.

Full of surprise for two reasons:
Him did indeed squat well below parallel - just 30 minutes into the workshop. It was beautiful to watch.
Him squatted so low, his pants ripped; right through the crotch. I heard it, and Him felt it.

Thats right, Him got ripped in a workshop while discovering his Original Strength. It was priceless.

Think about it. A very strong, fit and capable young man discovered that his body was even more capable and able to move in ways that his pants weren't even ready for! When you see a man out moving his pants, you see a man who is full of life and potential.

Him sets the example. We are all born to live a life of pant ripping potential. How awesome would it be to know that at age 72, you had to excuse yourself during lunch to go buy a new pair of pants so you could continue to see just how much more you were capable of. When Him told me where he was going, I could not help but smile. I know I was grinning from ear to ear. Buying a new pair of pants during an OS workshop is a great problem to have; especially when the pants you are wearing can't contain all the potential you have inside of you.

As I said, I have experienced more blessings through Original Strength than I can count. I have found the joy in my own body's potential and I have witnessed the joy in others discovering the same thing. Though I have never ripped my pants at an OS workshop, It is my aim that when I am 72, that I will certainly be capable of doing so.

Him is not alone. We can all get ripped with Original Strength. We can all discover what it means to be able to move with strength, grace and hope.



If you would like to experience more of what OS can do for you, or, if you would like to physically know how OS can be so powerful, we encourage you to come to a workshop. The "in person" experience of a workshop cannot be found in the books or the videos. Him may have never ripped his pants from the book alone. Check our schedule and see if we are coming to a town near you!


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