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Have you ever wondered why caterpillars become butterflies? I mean, why aren't they simply born as butterflies? Why do they crawl around on their bellies, slowly at that, for the first part of their lives before they morph into butterflies? It is really fascinating when you think about it. You have a bug, a worm, that lives the first part of it's life as the lowest of the low: slow, fat, ugly. Then, it builds an enclosed hammock, goes to sleep for a while, and emerges as a beautiful, majestic, butterfly - the angel of insects. Though it would not seem so from the start, one thing is certain: Caterpillars were born to fly.

If we pay attention, there are some good lessons to be learned by the caterpillar. For one thing, we truly can not judge a book by its cover, or a bug by its start, or a situation by how it seems, or a self by how we feel. All that to say, things are not always what they seem to be. But that is a whole other lesson for another time! The lesson today is: You, like the caterpillar, were born to fly.

When we start out as children, we are "weak". That is what the world will tell you. We are 6 to 10 pounds of loosey-goosey flesh and bone. Every move we make as infants is a battle waged against gravity. Time and time again, gravity wins - in the beginning. It pulls at us and tugs against our big heads, until it can't, until we are strong enough to resist it. Soon, after we have the strength to overcome gravity's tug against our heads, we start to push against it with our arms. Battle after battle, we wage. All the while, growing stronger and stronger. Until one day, we have the strength to stand. We then learn how to walk and later how to run. We become strong, powerful, graceful and beautiful. And that is how we are supposed to live.

Caterpillars don't enter the world being able to fly. They have to interact with the world first. They have to prepare themselves to fly. We too, don't enter the world graceful and strong. We need to interact with the world and learn the ways and whiles of gravity in order to become strong enough to stand, to walk, to run, to live = to fly.

We were never supposed to become weak and frail like the new born baby again. Think about it. Butterflies never become caterpillars again. They live the rest of their lives as confetti angels. Once they become butterflies, they continue to add grace and beauty to the world until they leave the world. We too, are never supposed to lose the strength and beauty that we were meant to gain. A man, or woman, should always walk around majestically, adding grace and beauty to the world, throughout their entire lives.

A simplistic way to look at what I am saying is that if a butterfly were to stop moving it's wings, it would fall. Or, If a butterfly did not fly, it would simply be a butter. If a man, or woman, stops being, or stops moving, we become something else less than we were intended to be. In many cases, we become like large infants again, because gravity never stops waging war against us. Again, gravity never stops. But if we do, if we stop moving, gravity wins and we become weak and frail.

We were not meant to grow into big infants. We were made to grow from weak infants to strong adults. That was supposed to be a one way street. As children, we were given an operating system designed to get us up on two feet and then conquer the world. All we have to do, is engage in and run our operating system - we have to move. Once a butterfly, always a butterfly. Once a man, always a man (Or woman!).

If you have stopped moving, if you have stopped being, you still have your original operating system inside of you. You can once again wage a war against gravity and learn how to move your head, push away from the ground, and become strong enough to fly once again.

The proof that we were never meant to grow old and frail, or that we were never meant to grow back into overly large giant infants, is that our original operating system is still in us, and is always in us, waiting for us to engage in it. We never lose it. Therefore, we should never have to lose our strength. We can all become strong, we can all fly, and, we can all stay that way. We were never meant to stop flapping our wings.

Do this:
For 1 week, learn how to control your head. Engage in head nods and rotations daily, on purpose. Make 3 to 4 mini sessions a day of learning to nod your head. It will take you all of 3 minutes out of your entire day.

The next week, learn how to roll. Roll using your head. Go from belly to back and from back to bell.

Then, on week 3, rock - every single day. 3 to 4 times a day for 25 rocks per time. Every time you do a rocking "session", try a different foot position.

Next, on week 4, crawl. Every day crawl for at least 3 minutes. Baby crawling is fine and good. Hold your head up.

Throughout all of this, go for walks every single day. Swing your shoulders with your hips, and walk like a man, or woman. Do this every day from weeks 1 to 4 and then beyond. Get your wings back and restore your Original Strength.

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