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I just got back from a wonderful trip in Monterey, CA. While I was there, I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was fantastic! There were so many beautiful fish, so many wonders of the ocean, all there on display. Silver fish, blue fish, red fish, one fish, two fish. Wait, that's a Dr. Seuss book.

Anyway, there were all these different types of fish. Some built for speed, some power, some beauty, and others just made for pure wonder. You know what I learned? They were all different, yet they were all fish. They all swam, and breathed water in much the same way. Yet, the puffer fish did not look and swim like the shark, and the tuna did not drift like the lion fish. They all moved and swam according to their structure, their design. They were all a bit different. Yet, they were all fish. And all of them, in their own way, were beautiful.

We, people, are a lot like fish. We are all people, and we all have the same basic design, yet we all have different structures. This means that our bodies probably all won't look and function the same. Our different structures lend our bodies to be more apt to perform certain activities. Some of us are lean and fast. Others of us have thick, short bones well suited to move large, heavy objects. Some of us are well over 6 feet tall. Such height makes it easier to reach things that are too high for those of us that are vertically challenged.

There are other differences we have, too. Some of us have the ability to eat bags of chips and drink soft drinks without ever gaining an ounce of weight. Others of us can seemingly look at a cookie and gain five pounds. The point is, we are all people, and yet, we are all different. But just like the fish, all of us, in our own way, are meant to be beautiful.

Beauty is an expression more than it is an aesthetic quality. The fish in the aquarium all moved like poetry. They all expressed the beauty they were created for. Their movement displayed grace, strength, fluidity, ease, and peace. They all moved with powerful elegance.

If there is any creature on the earth, that was designed to display, to express, beauty it is us. We, like the fish, were designed to move with elegant grace; with ease, with strength, with control, with power. There is simply not another creature on earth, not even the jelly fish, that is designed to flow like a ballad. We were meant to be the ultimate expression of beauty; no matter what functions our structure would seemingly lend itself towards. Whether we are 6 foot tall, or 3 feet wide we were all made to express the poetry of our design.

Fish are proof that we should be the ultimate expression of beauty and grace. After all, if a fish can move with such elegance, surely we should be able to. So why don't we? Why don't we all express the beauty that we were designed for? Because we simply don't operate according to original design, or we don't "run" our original operating system.

We all have the same original operating system. This system is the system that teaches all of us how to learn to move through developmental sequences. These sequences, these movements that are programmed into our operating system, build our original strength and allow us to express the strength and mobility we were created for. In other words, our original operating system allows us to express the beauty we were designed to express.

The problem with people is that we some how move away from our operating system. We don't keep it updated. We allow it to go dormant by not moving, by not being. Our operating system, our movement - our poetry system - is designed to always keep us moving with elegance throughout our entire lives. But just like a computer, if you leave it on, and don't use it, it goes to sleep mode and misses all the important updates.

Moving, according to the design of your operating system, is the best way to keep your operating system updated. In other words, moving keeps you beautiful. Moving daily throughout your life, honoring your operating system, takes you from moving like a poem to moving like a symphony.

The secret of all fish, the secret of their beauty, is that they never let their operating system go dormant. They keep it alert and updated. They move. We, like the fish, were all made to move with the elegance of a stream and the power of a waterfall. We were all made to express, and be beautiful. Fish should be watching us in awe.

Learn to move again and express the beauty you were created for. Regain your Original Strength.

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